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David Burns: Open up school records

To the editor:

If we as parents, grandparents and concerned citizens of this country really want to put children first, the consideration of a complete, universal access to public school records must be considered.

Our children deserve the safety and confidence it would bring. I’m talking about accessing every matter involving the administration of all school business, board issues and executive session minutes.

Any electronic information that may play a role in influencing school decisions or policy would be accessible under the scope of the law. If any taxpayer in his or her specific district wishes to sift through the minutia of information, they have paid for they privilege.

I know people of questionable moral character and devoid of ethics holding positions of trust in many professions.

Why shouldn’t people have access to that information if it would make life better, if it would abort or correct miscarriages of justice and benefit our children? I’m for it.

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Furthermore, I think this should extend into any institution of higher learning that receives even one public dollar, including all colleges and publicly funded universities.

If this notion would make school a better and safer place for our children, who couldn’t support it?

David Burns

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