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Dave Young: Letters are a disgrace

To the editor:

All these letters flooding the letters to the editor in the past week or so are, to say the least, a disgrace. The original content was a response to a Moffat County High School newspaper article written by a student.

All that has come of this is a soapbox for Dale Potter to promote the Bible and numerous quotes from it saying homosexuality is a sin, while claiming to not "hate" gay people.

Dale, time to act like the community leader you should be in the position you hold, and let it go, buddy. All I see when reading your, and all your supporters letters, is a bully using the free press to originally pick on a young child writing in a school paper who incidentally has shown maturity by not responding to your bigoted statements.

I also see someone who has let the supposed "fame" get to himself because you keep on writing in and cannot even seem to get right in your letter the reason you started writing in the first place.

Freedom of the press and opinion gives you the right to say as you wish, but think about the message you are sending to your future flock, a flock who is more tolerant to such trivial things as homosexuality.

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Maybe you should teach more on worrying about your own sins, and less of others, which is also in the Bible if you want to quote. Find it yourself.

I am so disgusted in all of you who have rallied behind Dale in this matter.

Dave Young

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