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Dave Roberts: Let’s be honest — part 2

To the editor:

I applied to be a firefighter for this district in 2005, along with about 20 other applicants. They picked six people to start their academy, and I was not one of them.

Bill Johnston stated they typically have about half who don't make it through the process. They have one academy per year, so that would mean this department should have about 18 new people since I applied.

That's not the case.

If they can only retain about half of the people they hire, the administration needs to look at their hiring process because that number is not the norm for hiring practices.

I have several issues with the procedures and statements made by Chris Nichols and Bill Johnston, too many to address in this letter. I will be bringing them all to the attention of the board during the next meeting and will continue to attend every meeting I can to keep the citizens of this district updated on what kind of wool they're going to pull over our eyes.

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Chris and Bill challenged us to attend board meetings and let our voices be heard. Be careful what you wish for.

The men and women who make up Craig Fire/Rescue from the assistant chiefs down are brave, dedicated, worthy individuals who give up a lot of time to serve the people of this district, and this letter is by no means directed at them.

I honor their service; I've been there.

Dave Roberts

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