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Dave and Linda Watson: We need action on deer

To the editor:

We agree with Kathy Harkner about the deer problem. The proposal should include a part about people who think deer are "pets," who do not see them as a threat and to the people who refuse to go along with the proposals of the Craig City Council.

These people can establish and maintain a fund to assist victims of deer attacks with vet bills, compensation for pets that are injured or killed, and for human victims and their families.

They should be held liable for any damages deer may cause to property, pets and humans. It is not if someone is going to be injured or killed, it is when.

Anyone caught feeding deer should be fined a minimum of $1,000.

These deer are wild animals and being wild animals, they are very unpredictable. A buck deer in the rut can be very dangerous to anyone or anything that gets in his way.

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A doe is just as unpredictable once they have lost their fear of humans. As for the dogs that are being injured or killed by deer, the deer are coming into fenced yards and will attack the dogs that live in those yards.

When we moved to Craig 34 years ago, we could raise a garden and did not have to put up a fence to keep deer out of the garden or yard.

If we wanted to see wildlife, we would drive several miles outside of town to see them. The deer do not belong within the city limits of Craig.

If all the deer move into town, so will the animals that hunt them — mountain lions, bears, wolves and anything else that eat deer.

Would you want to protect them, too?

Dave and Linda Watson

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