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Dan Hodges: Thanks for the support

To the editor:

On behalf of Celebrate Recovery, I would like to thank the businesses and churches that sold tickets and let us put up posters to promote the Coffey Anderson concert.

I also would like to thank everyone who attended the concert and those who helped make it happen.

Having been able to spend a small amount of time with Coffey, we talked about our favorite shotguns, dove recipes, felt cowboy hats, making homemade barbecue pits and his dad's beef brisket recipe.

He's down home with country roots, loves Jesus and relates to us Craig folks while living in the fast lane of inner city culture.

Coffey wants to come to Craig again (when it's warmer), so please continue to support Celebrate Recovery and "all ye" will get to see him again.

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Dan Hodges

Ministry leader, Celebrate Recovery

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