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Dale Potter: Offering a different view

To the editor:

In the continuation of the "Hot Topic" mentioned in Monday's Daily Press, I would like to remind the readers that the original point of discussion was what the Bible says about homosexuality. Other matters have crept into the discussion, such as the Bible and science (creation, "flat earth") and the Bible and geology (the world-wide flood.)

The whole hornet's nest was stirred up over whether the Bible is truly the Word of God or not, and whether one believes it enough to live by it or not. I am not insisting that anyone agree with me. I do not "hate" homosexuals.

I am giving the readers a viewpoint other than that which originally was stated by a young man in the high school newspaper. The viewpoint I present is that of God in the Bible.

Clearly the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. It clearly teaches that God created the Earth in six days (Genesis 1 and 2) and that he is the one who holds it together (Colossians 1:17.) It teaches that God judged the world by flooding it, and started over with Noah and his family (Genesis 6-9.).

Whether or not a person today accepts God's Word as authority is of course completely up to the individual.

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The truth of scripture is evident to the mind that looks at the complexity and design of God's creation and knows that such complexity and design cannot happen by chance, no matter how many billions of years are ascribed to it. There are evidences for the flood all over the world, being purposely ignored by scientists who present their theory of evolution as fact.

Clearly, the Founding Fathers believed the Bible as evidence by the scripture verses carved into the very walls of the buildings in Washington, D.C.  

The results of our nation's 20th century politically correct rejection of the Bible as our society's standard of right and wrong has resulted in the deterioration of our behavior. People live as if they will never stand before the great white throne of God, and become angry when anyone in love tries to warn them.

The rejection of the Bible as truth also takes away hope for the future. This is a horrible crime against the God who (at the unfathomable cost of giving his perfect Son as the sin-bearer) holds out the truth of his great plan of salvation to all mankind.

It is a horrible crime against the people to whom God offers this great salvation.  

In summary, the arguments and expressions of hatred are not against me. They are against God and his offer of salvation and hope for all mankind.

Dale Potter

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