Craig’s Trapper Fitness under new ownership |

Craig’s Trapper Fitness under new ownership

Clockwise from top left, Dan Seely, David Seely, Ashleigh Seely, Jim Gregoire and Barb Gregoire gather around a weight bench in Trapper Fitness Center. The Gregoires sold the Craig business to the Seelys at the end of 2013, hosting an open house Dec. 31 for people to meet the new owners.

The end of 2013 also saw the end of an era for one Craig business. But with each end also comes a new beginning.

Trapper Fitness Center changed hands as of Dec. 31, with former owners Jim and Barb Gregoire selling the workout spot to Dan and Ashleigh Seely.

"I guess you could call it out with the old and in with the new," Jim Gregoire said.

The Gregoires, who have owned Trapper for three years, first started seeking new buyers in June, deciding the time was right for them to step aside, partly because of the commute from their home in Milner.

"It's just time for us retire," Barb Gregoire said. "It was fun to find Ashleigh and Dan, who seemed to respect what Jim got started here."

Jim worked for Trapper for five years before the couple became owners. He and Dan already have gone through the process of getting Dan up to speed on the requirements of becoming a certified personal trainer.

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"I'm a trainer in training," Dan joked.

The Seelys were patrons of Trapper prior to buying it, the two also had discussed the idea of opening a fitness haven well before learning the business was for sale.

"We thought it would just be something we'd do someday in our 50s, not in our 20s, but it kind of just fell into our laps," Ashleigh said.

The Seelys are employed elsewhere — Ashleigh as a dental hygienist and Dan with Twentymile — but between those jobs and being parents to their infant son, David, taking on ownership will be hectic, though they'll hardly be alone.

Barb likely will have less of a role in the business, but Jim will continue to work training some clients after a brief hiatus.

The plans for Trapper for 2014 include adding Zumba classes and bringing in workout equipment such as a Jacobs Ladder, best known from "The Biggest Loser” TV show.

"It's one of the most demanding cardio workouts of any machine we know," Jim said.

Ashleigh said she also hopes to emphasize the nutrition element of fitness and "whole body wellness" to clients.

The Seelys' goal is to keep Trapper largely the same, adding their own touches here and there in the mission to help people get or stay healthy.

"We want to continue the momentum they had going," Dan said. "There's a pretty cool atmosphere and a good group of people, so we want to keep the whole gym family together."

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