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Craig/Moffat EDP narrows director search to 5 candidates

In other action …

At its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board:

• Approved, 9-0, Nov. 16 and Dec. 14 meeting minutes.

•Approved, 9-0, spending $2,900 to conduct a Moffat County consumer preference survey in partnership with Kate Nowak, of Yampa Valley Partners.

• Heard an update on EDP’s office relocation.

• Discussed a 1-percent enterprise zone administration fee through the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado.

• Approved, 9-0, EDP amended bylaws.

• Heard a director’s report from Darcy Owens-Trask.

• Nominated Colorado companies to watch.

• Heard an update on membership renewal and a new membership drive.

• Welcomed new member Bob Johnson, of Bob Johnson State Farm Insurance, Inc.

• Entered into executive session to discuss personnel.

• Approved, 9-0, naming the One-Stop Business Incubator in memory of Marianna Raftopoulos.

— Board members Jay Oxley, Jerry Thompson and Robert Wiens were absent from Wednesday’s meeting.

Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board members met in executive session Wednesday to continue discussions on new director candidates.

After more than 30 minutes in executive session, the regular board meeting was reconvened.

Board members unanimously approved giving the director hiring committee, consisting of Dave Fleming, Mike Anson, Scott Cook and Gene Bilodeau, more time for its search.

"We're progressing at a rapidly slow pace," Cook said. "The most noteworthy thing is we have some very strong candidates."

The candidate field has been narrowed to five Yampa Valley residents, Cook said.

The hiring committee has conducted two rounds of interviews, but board members decided to delay a decision to give Fleming, Anson, Cook and Bilodeau at least one more opportunity to meet with candidates.

"No decisions have been made yet," Cook said. "It's an unusual situation because they are all very strong candidates."

The next EDP Board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 15. The hiring committee hopes to have a decision before then.

"The EDP Board gave us (the hiring committee) authorization to move forward and choose one of the candidates," Cook said. "We just haven't gotten there yet."

The vacancy opened Nov. 30, 2011, when former director Darcy Owens-Trask announced she had accepted a position with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade in Denver.

Since her resignation, Owens-Trask has split her time between Denver and Moffat County in an effort to familiarize herself with her new position and to assist EDP with the transition.

Wednesday was her last official EDP meeting.

Cook, who also serves as EDP Board chairman, had a few parting words for the former director.

"Lately I've had a lot of people call me and ask what the EDP thinks about this or what does the EDP think about that," Cook said. "In the past, they either didn't think to ask those questions or they didn't care.

"I think we owe that to Darcy. I appreciate it, and we're going to miss you."

The EDP Board presented Owens-Trask with a desk clock in appreciation of service.

"We weren't sure if we should do this now or wait until your (farewell) party this afternoon," Cook said. "We thought it would be better to give this to you now while you're surrounded by your crew."

After the meeting, Owens-Trask said she was touched by the gesture.

"It's hard not to be a little emotional about this," she said. "EDP has been my life for the last four-and-a-half years. It's sad to see it end."

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