Craig/Moffat EDP: Get involved with the CNCC Craig Campus |

Craig/Moffat EDP: Get involved with the CNCC Craig Campus

— To the editor:

We applaud Colorado North­western Community College's efforts to lay the groundwork for local contractors and suppliers to be involved in this and future building projects at the new Craig Campus.

This community is making a big investment in CNCC, so it is right that we expect the CNCC building projects to invest back into the community by including local businesses in the work.

But, it is critical we all understand that local CNCC leaders won't be able to control who gets selected for work and who doesn't. Because CNCC is a state entity, there is a formal process that dictates how contractors are selected. If we want to make sure that part of the investment goes back to our local community, it isn't enough to just sit back and hope that it happens. We have to work together to make it happen.

We understand that it should be enough that local businesses have a history of offering quality work at a fair price, but that isn't enough in this type of project.

We encourage local contractors and suppliers to:

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• Get the list of nine finalist general contractors from either the Craig Chamber or CMEDP and contact each.

• Find out what form of communication each prefers — do they want to meet face to face, talk on the phone, communicate by e-mail, get a printed brochure in the mail, or do they just want to read about your business on a Web site? Then let them know: who you are; what you can do, but also let them know up front if there is something you can't do; that you want to work with them; and that you have something to offer that their regular subcontractors don't have to offer.

Remember they have worked all over the state and they have a lot of existing relationships and partnerships, so you need to show them why working with you is the best thing for their business.

CMEDP and the Craig Chamber are working to help you.

We already contacted the finalists to let them know that buying locally — using local businesses and subcontractors — is very important to this community.

We will continue to advocate for local businesses and to provide resources to help you.

For example, one contractor contacted us to ask us to host a meet and greet with local businesses. Please join us from noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday if you are interested in talking with one of the finalist general contractors.

Please RSVP to attend at or 970-826-2039.

We hope every one of the nine finalist general contractors are reading this letter and are beginning to understand how much buying locally matters here.

But, we also encourage local businesses to make that as easy for them as possible.

Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership

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