Craig/Moffat EDP director search continuing |

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Craig/Moffat EDP director search continuing

Hiring committee preparing for second round of interviews

The Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership met behind closed doors Dec. 29, with board members mum about what was discussed during the meeting.

"All I can tell you is we were there to discuss personnel," Craig City Council liaison Jennifer Riley said. "No action was taken and there will be more to discuss in early 2012."

An EDP hiring committee has been tasked with finding a new director since Darcy Owens-Trask announced her resignation Nov. 30 to accept a position with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade in Denver.

The EDP hiring committee consists of chairman Dave Fleming, and members Mike Anson, Scott Cook and Gene Bilodeau.

Fleming and Cook were not available for comment Monday.

Owens-Trask said Sunday she did not attend Thursday's meeting and has removed herself from the hiring process. She believes the hiring committee is keeping quiet about the process to "protect the confidentiality of the hiring process until the finalist stage."

However, Owens-Trask said the purpose of Thursday's executive session was to narrow down the director applicant pool.

"I know they did not receive any applicants from outside the Yampa Valley, but I am not sure how many applications they received or what they narrowed it down to Thursday," Owens-Trask said. "I think the hiring committee is confident they have someone in there that they can choose from."

But, it's unclear when the EDP hiring committee will decide on a new director.

"I think the hiring committee is in the process of arranging second interviews with applicants still being considered for the job," Owens-Trask said.

She expects those interviews to take place this week.

"EDP will then issue a press release once a finalist has been selected and the position has been accepted," Owens-Trask said. "However, it may take a week or two of additional time and meetings before an announcement can be made."