Craig/Moffat County EDP board considers adding new position |

Craig/Moffat County EDP board considers adding new position

Darcy Trask believes having as many great minds as possible in the same room can be beneficial to the local economy.

"The more the merrier," she said.

At its monthly meeting Wednesday, the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership's board of directors voted to table an election for new officers and board members until next month.

The reason for the postponement is so the group can take the time to allow other affiliates of EDP who are interested in running for a board position to throw their hat in the ring.

Additionally, the board is looking to increase the number of positions. Currently, there are nine total members, five of which are officer slots.

Representatives from the Moffat County Commission and the City of Craig also serve in liaison positions.

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Trask, the organization's director, said the addition of a 10th board member would enable the group to get a new perspective.

"The better representation we have on the board, the better decisions we can make," she said.

Up for reelection are Dave Fleming, and Jay Oxley and Mike Anson, the board's co-vice chairs. Trask said Robert Wiens, manager of First National Bank of the Rockies, had expressed interest in running for one of their positions.

"First National has been a member for years and one of our strongest supporters," Trask said.

Trask said that rather than lose a member who could do a lot of good, it made more sense to add another. EDP treasurer Alisa Corey and member Jerry Thompson will head the nomination committee.

"Any member of EDP can make nominations," Trask said. "We have several members who do not attend board meetings."

Depending on how many EDP members show an interest, the board might create more than one position when it votes on the proposal next month.

Trask said the board also wanted to avoid becoming too cumbersome, however.

"We have a fairly effective board, and sometimes if you get too big, it can be hard to get business done," she said.

The board will also vote on whether or not to amend the EDP bylaws to change the number of officers from five to four, making the position of vice chairman a one-person job.

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In other news

At its meeting Wednesday, the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership board also:

• Approved, 8-0, contributing $333 per year for three years to the Work and Life Skills Program. Chairman Scott Cook, co-vice chair Mike Anson and county liaison Audrey Danner were absent.

• Discussed the impact to the local economy from the proposed TransWest transmission lines.

• Discussed achieving the potential outcomes of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s Bottom-Up Strategic Plan for boosting the economy of Colorado’s Region 11, which includes Moffat, Routt, Rio Blanco, Mesa and Garfield counties. The goals of the initiative include creating jobs and diversifying the economy, reducing unnecessary regulatory impediments to economic development and encouraging and supporting the growth of existing businesses and industries.

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