Craig taekwondo students do well at martial arts tournament |

Craig taekwondo students do well at martial arts tournament

Nate Waggenspack

Youth competitors from the Colorado Taekwondo Institute Craig campus competed at the 40th annual CTI Superbowl March 7 and 8. Arianna Anderson (front left), Sumay Potgieter (front right), Evan Montoya (back left), JJ Potgieter (back middle) and Mackenzie Schneider all brought trophies back from the annual event featuring several taekwondo competitions.

Young martial artists from Craig returned from a regional taekwondo competition earlier this month with some hardware.

Students at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, 176 Clay Ave., went to the 40th annual CTI Superbowl March 7 and 8 in Lakewood and all performed admirably in the multi-discipline tournament.

The white through red belt competitions took place on the second day where all the Craig kids showed off. Taking on other students from CTI campuses from across Colorado and Wyoming in Poomse, Sparring, First Point Wins, Board Breaking and Staff Poomse disciplines the smaller Craig contingent made its presence well known over the two-day event.

With the competition open for students of all ages and belt levels, Arianna Anderson, Evan Montoya, MacKenzie Schneider, and Sumay and JJ Potgieter all came away from the event with trophies in hand for their performances. Even with over 300 taekwondo students in attendance, the young group from Craig showed they have picked up martial arts skills quickly with their performances at the Superbowl

"Each of them did and amazing job," said Jason Walker, the head of CTI in Craig.

It was an impressive performance for the group of Craig newcomers, all yellow and white belts.

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Sumay Potgieter took two firsts, in Poomse and First Point Wins, while grabbing second place in Sparring. Montoya was first in Poomse also, first in sparring and second in first point wins.

Schneider and JJ Potgieter were both third in sparring, while Schneider took second in First Point Wins and Potgieter was third in Poomse. Anderson also took third in Poomse and fourth in sparring.

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