Craig Swimming Complex to close Sunday |

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Craig Swimming Complex to close Sunday

More than 250 season passes sold

The waves will stop crashing Sunday when the Craig Swimming Complex closes for the winter, signaling the end of another summer,

The complex, which opened for the season in May, may still have some school programs come through, but aquatics supervisor Sylvia Griffiths said it will be closed to the public at the end of the week.

"It's going to be Sunday," she said. "We might still do some stuff with the schools in the afternoons, but for all intents and purposes, the pool will be closing Sunday."

The pool, 605 Washington St., typically closes at the end of August, Griffiths said, but Craig Middle School might run some programs through the pool.

"With school starting, we won’t have enough staff," she said. "When we run out of pool chemicals and we run out of staff, we typically close the pool."

The pool had 46 employees through the summer, with most of them returning to high school or college in the coming week, Griffiths said.

"A lot of our staff has already left for college and fall sports," she said. "With school starting Monday, we will lose even more."

Although full attendance numbers and dollar figures for this summer won't be available until later in the fall, Griffiths said there were other ways to gauge how many people visited the complex in 2010.

This year, the pool sold 253 individual season passes, which includes adults, students and children.

In a typical year, the pool will have 40,000 visitors during the summer.

That number isn't the total unique visitors, but how many people entered the complex.

"That's daily uses, and that accounts for the lessons and programs we have during the summer," she said. "So, when a kid has lessons at the pool, we have to take into account how many times they visited the pool."

Last year, total pool renovations cost $300,000, which included resurfacing the wave pool.

The early closure affected attendance numbers, Griffiths said.

"Last year, it was kind of hard to compare to other years because we closed early," she said. "We had the renovations in the wave pool, and we had to close earlier than normal."

In 2008, the pool generated more than $48,000 from admissions and more than $15,000 in season passes.

In 2009, admissions brought in more than $39,000 while season-passes accounted for $11,000.

The total amount of revenue the pool was able to generate will also have to wait until fall, Griffiths said, because the income from the lessons and programs need to be broken down for the entire summer.