Craig street improvement projects set |

Craig street improvement projects set

Brian Smith

The City of Craig road and bridge department crew lays asphalt to patch a section of road Monday near the intersection of Crescent Drive and Riford Road. Crews are patching areas around the city in preparation for larger chip-sealing projects, which will start in mid-July.

The City of Craig Road and Bridge Department has begun preliminary patching and crack-filling work in preparation for several summer road improvement projects around the city.

Randy Call, Craig road, bridge and solid waste director, said crews will start on two major projects within the next few months, including a chip-sealing project and paving of several city streets.

The chip-sealing will take place from July 12 through 21 on 11.5 miles of streets throughout the city, he said.

The patching and crack-filling work currently being done throughout the city is in preparation for the chip-sealing project. The city is about two-thirds complete with the preliminary patching and crack-filling work, and Call said the work should finish up sometime in the next week.

Call said the city tries to chip-seal every city street every five years.

"Since we started doing that in 1987, we have gone a long way to improving the condition of our streets," he said.

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City crews will also start work to pave several gravel roads in the city, the biggest of which will be on Fourth Street between Steele and Stout streets, and on Steele Street from West Victory Way to Industrial Avenue.

Crews will dig up the streets and reconstruct them with new gravel, before pouring asphalt. Call said the project should start at the end of July and be complete around mid-September.

Completion time of the roads will depend on several factors, including the weather, Call said.

Other gravel streets that will be paved include Legion Street from 11th to 12th streets, Ninth Street between Colorado and Lincoln streets, Center Street between East Victory Way and U.S. Highway 40, and a 120-foot piece of 12th Street between Legion and Colorado streets, Call said.

"These are some streets that we are doing right now that were identified in the master plan," Call said. "As we get these pegged, I think City Council will identify other gravel streets to be paved."

City crews will also work on several streets throughout the city to install a two-inch overlay of new asphalt. Streets marked for overlay work include Washington Street between 10th and 13th streets, and Crest Drive between Finley Lane and Schrader Avenue.

Call said crews will also be doing maintenance patching and crack-filling at trouble spots and potholes in September. The projects will be scattered throughout the city, he said.

"It seems like patching bad spots in the streets never ends," he said. "If we could patch all winter, we could probably find bad spots, but we try to get the worst of them and stay up on them."

Crew will also work to replace curb and gutters in trouble areas. Call said the city will work west from Barclay Street, where it finished curb and gutter projects last year. Call said streets identified for curb and gutter work included Taylor and Pershing streets.

"There is some of it that we won't get done and some of it we will," he said. "We kind of got limited funds there, so we will replace some of the worst of it."

Call said his 2010 budget is a little less than in 2009, but has about the same amount budgeted for asphalt work.

The Craig City Council approved, 5-0, the bid for city asphalt work to Connell Resources for $131,999.35 and $56,000 for the paving of the gravel roads at its June 22 meeting.

At a glance

• Chip-sealing to start July 12 on 11.5 miles of city streets.

• Several gravel streets to be paved in late July, completed in mid-September.

• Overlay projects with two inches of new asphalt on two city streets.

• Crews will continue maintenance and patching in trouble locations in September.

• Curb and gutter projects scheduled throughout summer around city.

• Most city road work scheduled to be complete by end of September.

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