Craig riders have strong showing at Winter Festival Sno-X |

Craig riders have strong showing at Winter Festival Sno-X

Nicole Inglis

Wesley Chapman airs over the final jump during X-treme Mountain Racing on Saturday night at the Wyman Museum's Winter Festival. Chapman took first place in the junior 14-15 class.
Shawn McHugh

Racing action heated up on the snow Saturday during the Wyman Museum's Winter Festival, as Scott Cheeney, No. 221, of Pinesdale, and another driver raced during a semi-pro class preliminary at the Wyman Museum's Winter Festival. Shawn McHugh

The sun had gone down hours ago, and the bitter cold air Saturday outside the Wyman Museum was filled with clouds of frozen breath and two-stroke engine fumes.

Logan Montgomery, 6, stood among the roaring snowmobiles with his father, T.J.

Bundled in full body armor, jacket and snowmobile pants, Logan took in the scene while he and his father recalled his first Sno-X race of the evening in the 120 class at Wyman Museum's Winter Festival.

"He was ahead and then the other kid charged back," T.J. said. "He did really well, especially at the end. They came over that last jump almost side-by-side."

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But it wasn't enough.

Logan hoped to do better than second place in his last race of the evening.

"I just have to charge harder," he said.

Logan was one of more than 130 riders participating in the X-Treme Mountain Racing Sno-X.

Riders from as far away as northern Idaho, Montana and Utah came to Craig for the races, which featured 16 classes of snowmobile riders ranging from 4-year-olds to semi-professional racers.

Qualifying rounds started at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Vendors, a vintage snowmobile show, concessions and activities for all ages entertained the crowd of hundreds while the buzz of the snow machines filled the air.

After a fireworks show at 6 p.m., final rounds for each class began.

Craig was represented by several riders including A.J. and Michelle Stoffle, Wesley Chapman, Tallyn Wagner, Logan, and several other riders.

Wesley, 15, who has only been on a snowmobile for a year, won the junior 14-15 class and finished second in junior 16-17.

But he said the sport is anything but easy for a newcomer.

"The key is to set a good pace, something you can keep up with the whole race," he said.

Most races at his level last six or more laps around the track, which includes sharp turns, a rhythm section and a large double jump.

Wesley said he is always out of breath by the end.

"You get tired," he said. "Over every jump, you're pushing that thing, and leaning around the corners. It's 450 pounds."

He said growing up riding four-wheelers gave him the skills to be successful in his second season on the XMR race circuit.

XMR is owned by the Stoffle family, of Craig, who have two children who race in the circuit. Both A.J. and Michelle won races Saturday night while their mother, Teresa, announced the races from the XMR trailer.

Teresa said the 130 riders were the most they had seen in the two years hosting a race at the Winter Festival.

"This is our big winter thing," Teresa said about hosting a race in her hometown. "And there's a $3,000 purse up for grabs."

The semi pro stock class is the only class that raced for the cash prize.

Wes Selby, of Grand Lake, won the race and $2,200, which he said would go right back into his snowmobile.

But for the Montgomerys, there wasn't a fancy snowmobile or big check — there were just two second-place trophies and the weariness from nearly 12 hours of races.

"He's pretty good for a 6-year-old," T.J. said, patting his son on the back "Dad's proud."

For Logan, the night wasn't all about winning.

It was about competition.

"I like changing lines and stuff," he said. "I just like having someone in front of me and battling with them."

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Sno-X results

X-Treme Mountain Racing Sno-X results from the Feb. 13 and 14 Wyman Museum Winter Festival:

120 Stock Class

Name Hometown

  1. Jake Gill Eagle

  2. Grey Mathews Eagle

  3. Tallyn Wagner Craig

120 Class

Name Hometown

  1. Peyton Hogan Bozeman, Mont.

  2. Logan Montgomery Craig

  3. Korttney Potter Johnstown

120 Champ Class

Name Hometown

  1. Grey Mathews Eagle

  2. Logan Montgomery Craig

  3. Korttney Potter Johnstown

Junior 10 to 13 Class

Name Hometown

  1. A.J. Stoffle Craig

  2. Braxton Call Idaho Falls, Id.

  3. Jarett Green Riverton, Wyo.

Junior 14 to 15 Class

Name Hometown

  1. Wesley Chapman Craig

  2. Dillon Thomas Green River, Wyo.

  3. A.J. Stoffle Craig

Junior 16 to 17 Class

Name Hometown

  1. Dylon Moss Laramie, Wyo.

  2. Wesley Chapman Craig

  3. Brady Nay Parachute

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