Craig residents compete in 25th annual Ride the Rockies |

Craig residents compete in 25th annual Ride the Rockies

Ben Bulkeley

Terry Carwile knew he was in for a trek when he signed up for his 13th Denver Post Ride the Rockies bike ride.

After all, the ride spanned 532 miles and was considered the toughest in the ride's 25-year history.

"It was pretty tough," Carwile said. "It was the most miles and the most hill-climbing of any Ride the Rockies I've done."

It was also the most in terms of days in which Carwile had participated, he said.

"It was seven days, which was longer than any I've ever done," he said. "It was the most climbing, and most mileage they've ever crammed into a one-week ride."

More than 2,000 riders participated in the ride, which began June 13 in Grand Junction and finished June 19 in Salida.

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Craig residents Carwile and Marilynn Hill took part.

Although Hill wasn't able to complete the ride because of prior engagements, it was something she could see herself doing again in the future, she said.

To prepare for the grueling trek across the Rockies, Carwile had to put in extra work.

"I was getting in about 180 miles a week, with some running mixed in," he said. "But, nothing can prepare you for the day-in, day-out grind."

The "easiest" day was when the y tackled the Grand Mesa National Monument, Carwile said.

"There were no easy days," he said. "The easiest would have been the first day with the National Monument loop in Grand Junction, that was only 45 miles."

Adding to the challenge was the weather, Carwile said.

"The folks who didn't get out and get done early got nailed with thunderstorms, hail and nasty winds," he said.

But, as Carwile was wrapping up his ride, he received a gift from Mother Nature.

"On the last day, we had a good tailwind," he said. "It was a nice way to end."

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