Craig resident praised for assessment |

Craig resident praised for assessment

To the Editor:

I was pleased to read Mr. Wolceshyn’s column in the Craig Daily Press in Northwest Colorado regarding the Endangered Species Act. I agree 100 percent with his comments and assessment of this Act and I commend him for a straightforward and honest assessment. I hope this same article appears in some of the larger markets around the country. Everyday people need to have honest information about this and few people have the courage to “tell it the way it is.” It appears to me that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and several other government agencies have unlimited funding and are just an extended arm of the environmental community, accommodating their every idea with no regard to cost. If the truth were known, the cost to the American people for these projects is huge. I personally have no problem with protecting a species that has some economic value, however, most listed species have none at all.

We need a very serious grass-roots campaign to encourage congress to begin the process of rescinding the ESA and other environmental legislation that allows government to sacrifice people to nature. At the least, this act should be restricted to its original intent and not allowed to be expanded to each and every little thing the environmental community can think of. If this does not happen, man is truly the endangered species.

Larry Whiteman

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