Craig Police advise residents to lock their vehicles |

Craig Police advise residents to lock their vehicles

Officers have seen rise in thefts from autos in recent weeks

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

The Craig Police Department has seen a rise in thefts from vehicles, police reported in a news release Tuesday, and are advising residents to take precautions.

Residential areas and business parking lots, specifically at grocery and retail stores, are "potential targets of the thieves looking for the opportunity to steal," police said in the release.

Stealing is made easier when residents leave their vehicles unlocked with valuables inside and visible, police said.

"In some cases, the keys are left in the vehicle, either the ignition or a console," according to the news release. "It takes just a few seconds for the thief to spot an unlocked car and open the door to take anything of value that they can grab. These thefts have ranged from purses, jewelry, checkbooks, electronics, tools, weapons and the vehicle itself.

"Thefts have taken place at night and in broad daylight," according to the release.

Law enforcement officers are urging residents to lock their vehicles "whenever they are out of them, no matter how long that might be, and to avoid leaving items of value that are visible to anyone that might be looking for that opportunity to steal your property."

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