Craig minors arrested Wednesday night for destruction of mailboxes |

Craig minors arrested Wednesday night for destruction of mailboxes

Joe Moylan

It was like a scene out of the movie "Stand by Me" Craig Police Department officers said Thursday when describing random acts of vandalism that occurred late Wednesday night.

According to preliminary investigative reports, three local juveniles — two females and one male — were arrested Wednesday for their alleged involvement in the destruction of at least 29 residential mailboxes.

Sgt. John Forgay said the three suspects, equipped with a "couple of baseball bats" and an undisclosed automobile, drove through the Woodbury Park, Pine Ridge and Ridgeview neighborhoods swinging at mailboxes.

Officers believe at least one more suspect may be involved and expect additional incidents occurred in other residential areas throughout the city.

According to a news release issued by the police department early Thursday morning, officers are encouraging residents who find their mailboxes have been damaged to file a report with the police department.

"In cases like these, people tend to replace the mailbox themselves," Forgay said. "But we think these juveniles need to take responsibility for the damage they caused.

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"We're asking additional residents who have been affected to report it to the police in order to provide an accurate accounting of the damage for anticipated prosecution and restitution purposes."

Charges have not yet been filed, Forgay said, but he anticipates the suspects will face criminal mischief and conspiracy charges.

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