Craig Middle School drama students perform annual holiday play Wednesday |

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Craig Middle School drama students perform annual holiday play Wednesday

Actors from “Scroogerella Learns Her Lesson” pose for a photo after the final performance of the play Wednesday at the Craig Middle School auditorium.

Trace Fallon, a Craig Middle School seventh-grader, said drama class is a little intimidating at times.

"But, it has its perks," Fallon said. "It's a class full of girls."

Fallon was among 24 classmates who performed "Scroogerella Learns Her Lesson" during two afternoon shows Wednesday at the CMS auditorium.

All but two of the actors were girls.

Director David Morris said he wrote the 30-minute play to create speaking roles for all 24 seventh- and eighth-grade drama class students, and to accommodate the class demographics.

"I couldn't find a play for that many kids, so I just decided to rewrite 'A Christmas Carol,'" Morris said. "And, since I had so many girls, I thought I'd do a little gender reversal."

The play, which closely parallels Charles Dickens' original story, features characters such as Ms. Marley and Tiny Tina.

Ms. Marley was played by eighth-grader Trenna Kaiser.

"We started working on (the play) about a month ago in our extended studies class," Kaiser said.

Seventh-grader Steven Walls, who played the character Bob Scratchit, explained extended studies.

"At the end of the day, for about 40 minutes, there are different classes you can do, like cooking and drama class," he said. "It gives a little taste of what you could do in the future."

Each extended studies class at CMS lasts for eight weeks, then new classes begin.

Every year, the extended studies drama class coincides with the holiday season, Morris said.

"It's a tradition," he said. "We've done a Christmas play every year for the 21 years I've been here."

Walls said he was inspired to choose drama during the Christmas play by last year's class.

"I saw the play last year when I was in sixth grade," Walls said. "I thought it would be really fun to do it, and I was right. I really enjoyed it.

"And, I would like to do it again."

Fallon said he was also glad he opted for Morris' drama class.

"It was awesome," he said. "Every person should at least try it once."

Eighth-grader Heather Wood said she is a second-year veteran of Morris' plays. This year, she played the title character, Scroogerella.

Wood said memorizing the lines was the most difficult aspect of the role. But, otherwise the experience was rewarding.

"I had a great time, and I hope everyone enjoyed the show," Wood said.

Morris said the most difficult aspect was corralling 24 students.

"It's fun, but keeping them quiet backstage is hard. They just can't do it," he said with a laugh.

Other than the sounds of giggling and chatter from offstage, Morris said the play was a success.

"I was pretty happy with this," he said. "I thought it was a great production."