Craig eighth-grade hoops team edges Hayden, 35-19 |

Craig eighth-grade hoops team edges Hayden, 35-19

Seventh-grade team falls, 19-18, in Saturday hardwood action

Eighth-grader Tyler Davis drives to the hoop during Craig Middle School’s Saturday basketball game against Hayden. The eighth-grade team won, 35-19. The team is 3-0 this season.

Craig Middle School eighth-grade basketball scoring summary from Saturday’s game:

Team First Second Third Fourth Final

Craig 11 8 7 9 35

Hayden 2 2 8 7 19

— The seventh-grade team lost, 19-18

Tyler Davis has grown accustomed to winning this year.

After a 7-0 season on Craig Middle School's eighth-grade football team, he wants to remain undefeated in every sport he plays. The transition to basketball season hasn't slowed his winning ways.

The CMS eighth-grade boys hoops team won, 35-19, in its Saturday morning game against Hayden. It was the first home game of the season for the 3-0 Bulldogs, who have previous wins against Steamboat Springs and Meeker.

CMS had a healthy 19-4 lead by halftime, allowing first-year coach Steve Loveland to shuffle his players.

"The B-team played most of the game and they did great, and A-team was just awesome," Loveland said. "This was kind of a practice game for us."

Without enough players to sustain both an A-team and a B-team, Hayden's small roster couldn't keep up with the Bulldogs.

Loveland kept his leading scorers in for the first quarter and pulled them until the fourth.

Davis was responsible for 15 of the team's points.

"I was trying to focus more on defense out there," he said.

Davis, who started as the quarterback during the middle school's undefeated football season, said he is ready to keep up the winning streak the eighth-grade boys have established.

"Hopefully, we can keep it up and just have a good year," he said.

Loveland said Davis and Phillip Chadwick are two of his strongest players on a team that is already well-rounded.

"Phillip is awesome and if there's any justice in the world, Tyler will start on varsity next year as a freshman," he said. "These guys are all awesome, but those two are my go-getters. I don't plan on losing any games any time soon."

The seventh-grade team has not been as fortunate this season. They are 0-3 after a 19-18 loss Saturday.

Seventh-grade coach Drew Morris said the game was closer than the team's losses in Steamboat and Meeker. Hayden won with a last-minute three-pointer.

"It was a heartbreaker," Morris said.

Morris said the team is "getting better and better" as the season progresses.

"The first couple of games were an eye-opening experience for them, but they're improving on offense and they're just competing better," he said.

The seventh- and eighth-grade teams will next play Rangely, with games starting at 9 a.m. Nov. 6 at CMS, 915 Yampa Ave.