Craig Daily Press staff to monitor Web site users |

Craig Daily Press staff to monitor Web site users

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

The Craig Daily Press will strictly enforce its online policy agreement for users of its Web site,, and will begin sending users warning notifications of use violations.

The Daily Press' agreement states that users will use the site to discuss issues in a civil manner and will not make libelous or obscene comments.

Users agree to the policy before creating an account. The full policy is available at

"Our site is intended to be a community forum for readers to discuss stories and issues that affect them," said Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Daily Press. "Unfortunately, the site has been used in recent months as a way to personally attack others, and that disappoints me."

Jacobson said the newspaper staff intends to institute a "three strikes" policy, in which staff will send individual users a notification via e-mail of when one of their posts has been removed because of inappropriate content, which will serve as a warning. On the third offense, users will be banned from the site.

"We hope our users will understand the goal of our actions and will abide by the rules," Jacobson said. "Our hope is that our increased monitoring of the site, along with corrective action, will deter some of the negative activity that has been prevalent on the site. Our intention is for the site to be a productive community forum to share opinions in a constructive manner, and we hope it will return to that vision."

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For more information on the Craig Daily Press' online policy agreement, contact Editor Joshua Roberts at 875-1791 or or Online Content Producer Michelle Balleck at 875-1790 or

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