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Craig children’s letters to Santa

Argie Peroulis watches her granddaughter, Cristiann Reyes, 7, hop onto Santa's lap after dropping off her letter to Santa.
Shawn McHugh

A line of children wait to give their letters to Santa at the Daily Press. The kids got a chance to get on Santa's lap and let him know what they want for Christmas.Shawn McHugh

Editor's note: Santa and Mrs. Claus made a special stop at the Craig Daily Press on Dec. 18 to visit local boys and girls. As children visited Santa, they gave him their Christmas letters, which we are publishing here. Please note we typed the letters exactly as they were written to maintain the integrity of the children's wishes and youthfulness.

Dear Santa

This is what i want for Christmas the lego deth star with all the people. Kids autonatic chiur. Every good spy needs one of these p. 10 magazine young explorers. Authorized personnel only p. 20 magazine young explorerers. No Quarters Required p.34 magaziene young explorers. What R U Doing 2nite? P. 57 magazine young explorers. Thank youSpaceset P. 16 magazine Discovery Store Channel. Discovery Keyboard P. 33 magazine Discovery Store Channel. Laser TriPwire P. 39 Magazine DiscoveryStore Channel. FBi agent Playset.

— Jake

Dear Santa —

This is what I want for Christmas. A z33wp waterproof digital camera (green), guitar hero DS game with the guitar connector with all the buttons on it, and Natures Valcano from Discovery Channel Magazine, but I'm not sure which page!! Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

— Sarah

Dear Santa

This is what I want for Christmas. Ring-Up some fun! in magazine young Explorers page 53., and kids one-stop Banking center magazine young explorers p. 55., What spies want p. 11 magazine young explorers. Thank you

— Emily

Dear Santa,

My name is Rubi. I want for Christmas is a littly kichin and phon, and most of all a famuly Christnas.

— Sincerely Rubi Torres, age 9

Dear SAnta,

this year I would like Twilight & New Moon! For Me I want Zhu Zhu pets. Boots with fur. But you know that!

— Bailey Bond, age 9

Dear Santa what I want for Christmas is a DDr and a DS.

— Giselle

My name is Brianna. I am eight years old. I would like girl's lego's. A printer for my laptop. Also I would like the help Samairtan's Child that would be thebest of all!

— Brianna Burkett, age 8

Dear Santa

I would like a PSP and agame for the PSP


— Alejo Quezada, age 9

Dear Santa

I wunt a Mp3 Player, Legos, DDr, DS

— Kristan Jacobson, age 9

puppy, Walky talkys, sewing mashean, jolrye, furreal frends.

— Brayden Anderson, age 9

Dear Santa

I want a resrler it is tripol h with the wwe champean for chrimas.

p.s. Bye

— Victor Silva, age 9

Dear Santa

wate I want for Christmas is a Lego set and Bionicols and bakugon and Pokemon and hotwels

Tyler Davidson, age 8

Dir Santa,

Peyton has tried to be a very good girl! Please bring her come cool toys!

Cat that loves you, tag, fance nance book, hand game, hula huup, blo drir, curling iron for kids, make up, fir coat, basget ball Ples Ples!!!! Thank you!!

— Love Peyton, age 5

Dear Santa,

My name is Greta & I am 2 yrs. old now. As your records must show I have been a very good girl this year, despite the misunderstanding my parents & I had over grape juice & its fabric enhancing qualities (I mean come on, everyone needs purple furniture!). Also please disreguard the whole dog issue… I only bit him because he looked like he might bite me first! Anyway… I want a cat!

— XOXOXO Greta Martin

Dear Santa, I would like a laptop and a chiuahua and a Xbox 360.

— Love, Trysan, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like is a chihauha and I would like a wii games an sum LeGo's Plus a PS3 and sum games to Go with it and mone.

— Love, Jordan Wilensky, age 6

Dear Santa

I want a Xbox360

I want a PSP

I want a Xbox

I want a Playstion3

— Love, Cameran, age 6

Dear Santa

I would like a trans former and a game and a snowboard and a Xbox game.

— Love, Caleb Hodges, age 7

Dear Santa I would like lots of Legos mabe some cost grde also sum spase polcie and inee uthr sarees because I don't myide.

— Love Joel, age 6, to Santa

Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a kid rifle and a snowboard and a Laptop and a Micruskop and a wii a puppy

— Love Gabriel, age 7

Dear Santa

I would like a colonig book, a Wii game, I would like Books and I would like a bunny

— Love, McKenzie, age 6

Dear Santa

I want ani dog and slippers and a puppy and a wii game.

— Love Stormy, age 7

Dear Santa

I want a Nintendo DS and a frog that jumps becus I wont to play withthatfrog mreo for my DS.

— Love Kiersten, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like a DS and a game of mreo. I would also like a remot control Jeep. I wil lev you cokes.

— Love, Jahir, age 6

Dear, Santa this is what I want for Christmas. I want a stufft walking puppy. And my two front teeth. And a new swing set. And new barbies.

— Love, Allison Jacobson, age 6

Santa Has Roodof ben good?

Dear Santa,

my name is Haylee and wut I want for Christmis is a bike and a chihuahua and also I would want a rabbit and a playstation.

— Love, Haylee, age 7

Dear Santa, I would ike a X Box 360 and Laptop. a lot of Wii games and a Wii and a snoflac necklis.

— Love, Liam, age 7

Dear Santa, I would like for Christsmas a pupe for dad, legos for me and a Laptop and for my sister a farm.

— Love, Porter, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like a Wee and a mreo gam. I would alsolike a remot control truc. I will lev you cookies.

— Love, Kevin Snyder, age 7

Dear Santa,

I would like a kitten.

I would like a rabbit.

I would like a Nintendo DS.

— Love, Lana, age 6

Dear Santa,

I was a good girl I want a rabbit a wlod and a white one I love Smta and a tchoot choo tran

White Ples

the End

— love, Adriana, age 6

Dear Santa

I want a

lego pirite ship

lego T.rex

lego raptr

lego stegusors

lego tryiserutops

stuf for print shop

lego city

lego caryr simi

I hope you bring them

— Love: Shane Balleck, age 7

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I would love a new guitar.

— Love, Amber Salazar, age 6

Dear Parents,

My parents think the Sugarland Guitar costs $100.00. That's a lot of money, so I'm with them. I'm going to convince them that I need this special guitar. The first reason I need this guitar is to have something to do so I wont be bugging my mom. It will keep me busy practicing it. Another reason I relly want this guitar is so I can be a singer and a writer. It will help me learn music notes. The last reason I want a guitar is that my Grandma Ruth loves music and Sugarland songs and it will make her happy to listen to me play. I realize this guitar is a lot of moeny can do a lot of things with it.

— Sincerely, Raven

Dear Santa,

Maybe parents think pocket knifes are too danger us these days. But I've com to now that santa is the best gi that can get me this. And Santa knows that.

One reason I would like a knife is at camp I wanted to rip up a log. But I didn't have a pocket knife so I had to borrow from my grampa and it wasn't fun.

We need to cut stuf at the Sandrocks too. But one time I had to use metal because I didn't have a pocket knife.

I would be very safe with a pocket knife. I would lern to open it properly and never run with my knife. Every time I was done with the knife I would fold it back. This mackes me think I deserv this knife for Christmas.

— Sincerely, Carter.

Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas is a pretend Kitten. What cookys would you Like? How is Rudolph? Does he still the red nose? Please give me a baby doll.

— Love Tate

Dear Santa,

I want a Nintendo WII

— Emily Moore, age 6

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. Santa can you brega conmputer. Santa I will like a yoyo.

— Love, Chantel Chase, age 6

Doer Santa

I hav ben good. Plez brng me a remot cntrl truk and crcz.

— Love, Michael Chase, age 5

Dear Santa,

I want a weed dog for Christmas please. I have been very good. I also would like a zu-zu pet. If you can get them I would be happy!

— Love, Racheall McCollum, age 8


Gater Golf




progeget bay


Chevy Pluto

stufet animal

— Cristian, age 5

Dear Santa,

I wish you happy travls and a merry Christmas. I bleave in you most kids in my class do not bleave in you. You are my hero.

— From Amanda Moore, age 10

Dear Santa I want a baby dog, baby cat, hous, own bedroom, and a funne hous.

— Paige Raymond, age 9

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like a Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal autograph. I would also like a full set of football cards.

— Sincerely, Adain, age 10

Dear Santa,

drive safe on Christmas eve. I will have cookies and milk for you.

— Love Kaziah Johnston, age 6

3 monster trucks

race cars



2 kitty cats




rocking horse

— Cyrus Goldsmith, age 3

Dear Santa

My name is Rory. I am 7 years old. I have been very good this year. I would like a ufo flier, remote control monster truck, stuffed animal clothes. Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure DVD, remote control helieopter, nesting dolls, Holiday Barbie.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas,

— Love, Rory

Der Satu,

Ultimate Alliance



bass for my Wii


­— Taylor Ray, age 7

Dear Santa,

I want a Motley Crue doll and a Playstation 2 for Christmas, and a skateboard with a skull on the back, and a computer, and my own Kiss and motley crue movies, and a Wii with guitar hero and rockband, and alot of toys, and a soda gallon.

— Ryder, age 5

P.S. I want a motley crue game for my playstation

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. For Christmas I would like a guitar. I will leave milk and cookies.

— Love Tommy Weber, age 3

Dear Santa,

My name is Leximae Weber. For Christmas I would like three toy dogs Please and some toy cats Please. Please can I have a new toy doll. I hope every one you know is great.

— Love Leximae, age 7


My dad wants a heater For his Skidsteer. My mom wants slippers. I want a Sand Digger.


Air hockey

Cabover with a flatbed trailer.

Razar Spark Scooter.

Wii hunting game.


— Torin, age 6

Dear Satuclos Oll I rot Fo Crismist is a rueol hors who namb FreojHa. My nam is Isabelle anne Herod.

and a dog howse Fo the dog. and a Robe.

— Isabelle Herod, age 6

I would Like a Chickhicks Tractor-trailer, and Sid the Sloth and Momzilla.

— Philip Moore, age 3

Dear Santa,

I've. Been gooD. I Like YouR ELVES. I wisH foR TRAnsfoRMER ViDEO gAmE.

— Love Elias, age 5

Dear Santa

I want D.S.I. and a 6 weeler for my DaD. And gradthodo and 007 Qostmor gores.007, and Haloe 3.

— Logan Wade Knez, age 8

Dear Santa I want a Cell Phone and a MP3 player. Books and wtheevery you want to give me.

— Sharon, age 9

Dear Santa, I have been doing good in school and I been good to my mom I no it is hard to get to make toys for us and what I want is a cell Phone. PS. My mom is going to Stop you from getting me one so don't let her. Justhide it. And I want it to work. Please I am baging for one.

— From Emily, age 8

Dear Santa,

I want a DOG

I want a DOLL

I want Bendaros

I want a nintenDoDS

I want a watch

I want a puzzel

I want a Shirt

I want MRS. WOOD to stay with me


— Bayley renee jacoBson, age 6

Dear Santa Claus,

Tell the reindeer hi for me please and tell Blitzen to switch the Zerizon. I want only a few things for Christmas this year. The Broncos winning Super Bowl XLIV would be awesome. DC shows would brighten my day. Please help everyone understand the real meaning of Christmas. Straight A's in school would thrill me. Santa , I'll let you pick the rest. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

— 10 Year Old, Peyton A. Jacobson

Dear Santa,

I been sooper good boy this year. I want a .t.v for christmas and legos and a praystaysin2 and arts and crafst. Santa there's a kie haning an the rall outside.

— Jacob Jeffcoat, age 6

I like Chrismas.

Dear Santa, I'd like a D.S. PLEASE!!! Tell allof your rindeer I love them lots. Give them treats. Give yourself a cookie and milk! Thank you for the gifts.

— Love, Karlee Brown, age 8

  • A hat like yours.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the presents you have me before. This year I want a dirt bike and a burten snow bord with all the gear thatcomes with those.

— Spencer, age 9

I would like an Elf costume, Horse blanket, A real live dog, Santa costume, Denver nuggets , costume, Iphone, sombrero.


— Jaidyn Steele, age 9


— Milagro LebroN, age 6


coloring book


art set




— Reina Steele, kindergartner

Dear Santa, I would like a wacth, A new robe and slippers, Kid spy set, a romete control red hummer, A big stuff anamil of RudeRolh. I want everybody to have a good Christmas.

— Love, Branden gene Richardson, age 10

Happy Christmas Santa

RC HelopTer, bmx bike, a bell, Ipod, Tech deck, glovs.

— From J.T. Tule, age 8

To Santa

Dear Santa

May I have nintendo d.s. and nintendo d.s. games and nintendo d.s. armor.

new boots.

— from Ben Stoddard, age 9

Dear Santa,

I would like more games for my PSP like, well I don't know whatgames I want. Any games are good as long as there not babyish. I would love more games for my PSP. I hope you have a good Christmas.

— Sincerely Gavyn Cox, age 10 ½

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I would like to ride to the North Pole.

— Love, Clay Durham, age 6


New Super Mario

Tran Set

Shake an go Extreme


Lincoln Logs

I pod

— Izaac Strickland, age 7



Sponge Bob Clock

Sponge Bob DS game

— Kyton Rodriguez, age 5

Dear Santa,

I hope that you had a great year. I want an Xbox 360 with Massive Zombies. Please can you brean me a Nerf machine gun. Thank you for the Megarip sharkship. How is your reindeer especially Rudolf. What is your favorite cookie? Can you bring the Death star.

— Sincerely, Stefan Grabowski

I would like a Nerf Gun, transformer top, matchbox cars, one dollar, transformer game, clothes, scooter or skateboard, remote control car.

— Love, Taylor Germond, age 5

Thank you for letting your elf LeRoy be our elf. Please bring my ferret Mr. Weenie some chocolate. I would like a skateboard, Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop figures, G-Force Movie, clothes, games, Pillow Pet, Nerf gun, remote control car.

— Brooke Germond, age 4

Please bring me rollerskates or a skateboard. Littlest Pet Shop figures, transformer toys, I-dock for my I-Pod, clothes, games, Pillow Pets. Nerfgun, remote control car. Thanks in advance for everything you bring me.

— Love, Hannah Germond, age 8

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the toys. I like you. I hope you enjoy the milk and cookies.

— Love, Gwen Doizaki, age 7

Dear Santa,

I hope you have a good Christmas eve sending all of the presents. I love You!

— Holli Green, age 8

Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is a Pet Shop Adopting center with the two hushy puppys. How many elves do you have? How many trips do you have to take on Christams Eve, and where is you last stop? I am a girl.

Your friend,

— Timber Lee Green, age 10

Dear Santa,

I would ike LADANIAN TOMLINSON Helmet and his autograph on it.

— Brent Cook, age 10

Dear Santa

I would like x box games. I would like tony hawks ride for xbox. ipod touch and toy army wepens.

— From Brad Cook, age 8

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. I whant a wii to play wher evr I go.

— Love, Blake Juergens, age 7

Dear Santa,

I've been nice so will you bring me a DS for Christmas. I've been wanting one for my birthday. I want that to be my present.

— From Breanna Pech, age 8

Dear Santa

I've been good for my mommy so please can I have a DS for Christmas.

— thanks, Vanessa Pech, age 6

Dear Santa,

I have a very good boy this year. I would like a computer so much. And computer sofftwar.

Thank you Santa.

— Love, Corey, age 7

Dear Santa,

First I want to say mery Christmas! Say hi to Rudolf. I would like a Spy car.

— Love, Sean Fallon, age 7

Dear Santa,

I want speed beads for Christmas. When you come I have a present for you. Another thing I want is for you to take care of the families that can't afford chrismas. Thank you Santa!!

— Kinlie Brennise, age 8

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a ipod nano. Another thing is I want you to take care of the families that can't afford Christmas. Thank you Santa!

— Kasen H. Brennise, age 9

Dear Santa

I want a lego star wars set a trans former and game box Thanks Love Jason. Il leev some carits for the rander. Love Jason I amot frgrt I want a stuft set.

— Jason

Dear Santa

How have you been this year? Is Rudolph's nose still glowing like a bright Christmas light? Does Frosty live with you? If he does, how is he? Is he happy and content? What about Dasher? Dancer? Prancer? Vixin? Comiet? Cupid? Donner? Blitzen? Rudolph? Are your elves still happily working? And how is dear, old Mrs. Claus?

Well I had a very busy year. I showed my pig, got 5th place twice, and won $900.00. I am advanced in most subjects at school. I started 4th grade. I cut way too much wood throughout the year. I had some wonderful holidays and the best birthday ever.

A few gift for others are: for Jason Legos, for Sabrina a few chocolates or crafts, for Mer some dress-ups or baby dolls, and for mom and dad some lotions and mouthwash.

Now some things I want are a long-sleeved dress that goes down to my ankles, lincoln logs, chocolates and a huge or tiny bouncy ball. Merry Christmas.

— Erica Snow

Dear Santa

I would like a bunny because I like them. I would also like a I barbie and a barbie house to go with it. I am 6 years old. Thank you for all the past presents you gave me.

Merry Christmas!

— Sincerely, Meridith

Dear Santa

I want a America doll and a DSI

— Sinserily Terry

Doll, coat, slippers,guitar,camera,drumset

— Thank you, love Naysa

Dear Santa

how are your elves at the NorthPole? Good for christmas I wood lick sum make up so I can put make up on.

— Love Cassie Ree, age 7

Dear Santa

I want a star wars the clone wars tank the one that holds twenty people. I hope you have a safe trip.

— from Tane, age 10

Dear: Santa

What I want for Christmas is a glowdom, a glow stashen, a glow bord and I want for everbody to ahve a graete Christmas.

— Trinitie A. Beckner, age 8

Nintendods Spongebob game Timmy Turner Game Tell Mrs Clause Hi and give the rain deers a good treat

— Love Tessona Gonzalez, age 6

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a large Roudalph stuffed animal and a DS. Thank you Santa and elfs for you hard work making and delivering toys to all of the children in the United States. I love you. THANKS

— Sincerely, Alexie

Dear Santa

Pleas bring me some Barbie Finger nail Polish

Thank you

— Love Rylee Villard, age 5

Dear Santa,

Please bring me and my brother and sisters some candy canes. Could you also bring my mommy some eggnog with a kick and my daddy some Peace and Quiet! Thank you

— Love Tess Villard, age 2

Dear Santa

Please bring me an ornament set that I can play with. Thank you

— Love Chloe Villard, age 6

Dear Santa

I'd like to have a great Christmas with my family, I'd also love a bunch of snow to sled and make snow forts, men, and snowball fights. Be careful on Christmas and don't get caught in the snow

— Your friend Kelton Villard, age 9

Dear Santa

can I ples have sam books?

— Love, Kaci Dunlap I am 6.

I love you santa

I been a good boy

I want a castle for christmas.

— Camden Shipley, age 4


First of all merry Christmas. What i'll like for christmas is a PS3 and a hair out of your beared! Just remmber to ride safe and merry christmas

— Arnold Trevizo, age 10

Dear Santa, 2009

This year I want a Wee, robot and some Flip trix. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

— Love, Chance Wagoner, age 4

Dear Santa,

I have been helpful this year. I watched brother, I fed the dogs, and cleaned the yard.

Santa, this is what I want for Chistmas. I want a key board, 4 paintball guns, piantballs, call of duty modern wargare 2. And psp.

Santa I hope you can make it. Thank you!

— Love, Triston C. Folks

Dear Santa

I want som make-up. Presents of Jingle Bells dress.

— from Camie Jo, age 12

Please bring me a Baby doll. I also like stuffed animals.

— Carrie M. Brown, age 2

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. Santa I love you. Did you know Mrs. Eitel is my favorite techr. I like you very much.

— Love Holleigh Jensen, age 6

Dear Santa Claus,

This year I have been very good but not perfect. I have been good be helping my friends and family by being poliet to them. I have also been kind by not making fun of everyone. I have also been helpful by calming my sister down when she is sad and crying.

For Christmas I would really very much appriciate if I could get a pair of roller blades. Also, I would really like it if you could get me a D.S. game.

Ruldolph I would like to know if your nose is working very good this year. If not lets hope it's not a foggy Christmas Eve. Also, I would like to know if you like carrots if you do I will leave some for you and your freinds.

— Your Pal, Alyssa


I want a lap top, I Pod touch, DSI, a game for the DS that is mario kart, and a bounsy griderball that is what I want for Christmas.

merry cristmas,

— Jerzey, age 8

Dear Santa,

I want a i tuch. And Jone B Jons book. I wuld like a lap top but a blue one. And a Ds and fashin dsinr game. And a wee to.

— Love, Alexa Neton, age 7

Dear Santa,

How many elfs do you have? How many rein deer guide your slay every Christmas? I wish for a D.S. for Christmas and a fur real pet.

— Love Ellina, age 6

Dear Santa

I want a X Box, I want remote controls.

— Tanner Dugan, age 3

Dear Santa,

I have been very helpful this year. I cleaned the kitchen with my mom. I fed the chickens, took out the trash, and got wood for the fireplace.

Santa, this is what I would like for Christmas. I would like a cell phone and an I pod, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

I would like to send a friendly message to you and the elves and reindeer. How is Rudolph doing and his shiney nose? What is the size of an average elf shoe? Santa is it cold up in the North Pole? How are you doing? I hope you have a good sleigh ride. Yours truly.

— Justin Dugan, age 9

I wont a laptop and a exbox 360

Lago Ples

Nentendo gam

— Trysan Rodriguez, age 6

Dear Santa,

How is the reindeer including Rudolf, and the elves? What is your favorite cookie and mild? Please can I have a water hot wheels playset for Christmas. I don't care if you don't give it to me. How is Mrs. Claus and how are you too?

— Sincerely Chris.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like alot of books and things to do with animals. Thank you fo all the gifts you gave to me last year.

— Love, Molly Neton

Dear Santa Claus,

my mom wont buy me a guitar hero and that is why I am asking you instead. I need it so I can practice my singing. I sort of mess up Guitar hero has a mike that makes you sound beter it can make me sound like a rock star another reason I need a guitar hero is because my guitar broke so I can not play it. Guiter hero will be more exciting than a regular guitar. Finally when I grow I'll make lots of money so I can pay my mother. I will make millions of dolers when I am a rock star. I have come to relize that a guitar hero will be a most use full game because it will make me millions of dolers.

— Sincerely, Sambu

Dear Santa,

Most parents don't like their kids using ovens but with an easy bake oven I would be safe and not get burned.

I hope I get an easy bake oven!

If you heard my lead you would have heard that I want an easy bake oven. Which I do but if I get one I could have lots of friends over for cookies or cake

Another reason for this is I have friends that like to play house with me and so an easy bake oven would give me a toy oven. I also don't get to cook much and all my other friends have one too.

A different reason is sometimes my mom does not like me cooking with her because I'm dirty and sometimes my mom just does not have any thing for me too help with.

My last reason is I could bake a cake or cookies for Christmas or our new naighbers. We usually don't have enough disert from Christmas. Plus we usually give gifts to new people in our naighberhood.

I realize that I could have lots of fun with an easy bake oven! I hope I get one.

— Love, Caroline Riley, age 8

Dear Santa,

Parents tell kids that Nintedo DS is too Expensive. I think it is worth it. I rilly wont a Nintedo D.

My nintedo 64 is too loud and my mom desrvs peace and quiite. If I got a Nintendo DS it would be quiter. If I got a Nintendo DS I will do my chores I woud clean my room, take out the trash, and go to the store to get food.

With a Nintendo DS I coud get a lerning geme so I can lern Math Splling and reading then I can be the best student in the school.

— Sincerely, Will

PS Say hi to Mrs. Cluas





Chocolate Santa



— Dustin Santistevan, age 2

Dear Santa

I hope you have a nice Christmas. I would like a hair set and beads.

— Love, Alexis, age 4

Dear Santa

how is your reindeer? I hope you have a puppy for me. Please may you bring me a Barbi to. I hope you can find it in your heart to bring me tuns of toy's. Like a big Barbi car. Do you want me to go with you on the sleigh We can deliver toys. But I will be asleep I forgot I'm sorry.

— Love, Nicole, age 7

Dear Santa,

I have been hoping for a dolphine snow globe and a DS.

Thank you for working so hard I apresheat it. I hope you have a joyfull wunder full Christmas. I am thankful that you have enugh time to deliver all the toys in the United States in one night.

— Sincerely, Cristiann

Dear Santa,

For Christmas if you don't mind I would like a DS and a digadle camera I won't mind if you don't give me it but that is what I hope for. How is Mrs. Clause? Does rudolphs nose still glow? Thank you and you elfs for making toys all year round.

— Sincerely, Hali

Dear Santa,

How are things going up at the North Pole? How are your Reindeer? If you aren't too busy I would like a pokemon pop up, a Pokemon Movie and a Bell from your Sleigh.

— Sinerely Owen, age 7

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing on the toys? I want candy, a dream catcher, and a toy elf. I hope you don't run into any fog. Have a good trip

— From, Evan Allen, age 5

It's a nuthr grat crismis I now that you now joe the elf is at my hoos I moovd to craig I wat a cufcack makr and mor mix for the esee bak uvin.

— E. Jones, age 6

I have been good. Could I please have a bigger bike? I like wolverine claes, too. Thanks, Santa!

— Hudson Jones, age 4

Dear Santa,

Can I have a GI Joe and easel and night at the museum 2 movie?

— Thank you Sam O., age 7

Dear Santa

I have been very nice I only want a i pod touch and a baby alive oppsydoo.

— Sencirly, Jennifer, age 8 ½

Dear Santa,

I want lots of cars stuff & Thomas the Train.

— Miken Madrid, age 2

Dear Santa,

I have been very helpful this year. I've been helping my mom by folding laundry. I've been helpful to my dad by cleaning for him. I have been very obedient to my brother by being very nice. I've been very kind to my mom.

Santa, this is what I want for Christmas. Please can I get a few things for Christmas? I would like a laptop, fourwheeler helmet, a winch, and a snowplow for my fourwheeler? I would like to send you a friendly message. I will make sure that my mom does not leave the fireplace on. I will leave a key on the front of the little window by the door just in case you can't get in because I'm not sure that we have a chimney. I will leave you some cookies for Mrs. Claus and you. I will leave some carrots for the reindeer.

— Your buddy, Skyler Dean

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. For Chrismas I would like a i pod or a laptop. Are you having fun? Are you busy feeding youer raindeer?

— Love, Kaedyn Talkington, age 6

Dear Santa,

How have you been how is Mrs. Claus

Well are you both doing good you are coming to craig these yeare I hope so I want a DS and a x box 360 and that is it. How is ruldoph? Is he the most inportont on in the pack or is he not.

— Mason

Dear Santa,

I want a DSI, lego agents robo attack and lego agents mobile command center.

— Hunter Petree, age 8

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is two hamsters, a fur butter fly chair. But most of all is a family Christmas. That is all.

— Mackenzie Marshall, age 9

Dear Santa,

I want a huge dinosaur with horns.

— Marek Marshall, age 4

Dear Santa,

I want: lap top, coke bottle, cheese spray, fake mustache, diary (with lock).

— Drew, age 8

Dear Santa,

I want to no if I can have a picture of your reindeer. Can you please give me a dollhouse? I would like a Barbie camper.

— Bailey

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. For Christmas I would love bedroos and a cup of hot cocoa.

— Kelsey McDiffett, age 6

Dear Santa,

I have been very helpful this year. I have played with my sister very nicely. I take care of the dogs. I have shoveled the snow.

Santa, this is what I want for Christmas. I would like a cell phone. I would like a lap top. I want a WII and I will share it with my sister.

I would like to send a friendly message to the North Pole. I will be in Denver. What kind of cookies does Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the Elves like? What do the reindeer eat? I hope you have a good Christmas night.

— Jaci Marie McDiffett

Dear Santa,

I would like a flitter fairy and a magic wand for Christmas. I love you, Santa.

— Myla, age 4

Dear Santa,

Please can you make a guitar for me, medium size. I want it made of wood for me. I want a make pink guitar.

— Raine Harrell, age 6

Dear Santa,

For my sister I want her to have a hart necklese. For my brother I want a remote control helicopter. For my momi I want her to have a set of earings. For my dad I want a snowmobile.

— Lane Ryle

Dear Santa,

I'd like an ipod touch. Also I'd like a Ninetendo DSI. The next thing I want is a bow and arrow with some arows togo with it. Also I would like a Denver Bronoco pillow. Oh and some targets to go with the bow and arrow.

— Marcus Delgado, age 10

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a ipod touch and a Nintendo DSI. I've been good this year Santa I will write to you next year.

— Charisma Plantiko, age 9

Dir Santa,

I wod like a Nintindo DS Merry Christmis.

— Cody, age 6

Der Santa,

I want a PSP for Crismis.

— Shelby, age 6

Dear Santa,

Am writing you this letter to let you know that i've been a very good boy this year. I would really like to have a Transformer toys; educational toy's to help me with my speech. I would like to also have a big soft fuzzy bear blanket.

My mom helped me w/ this letter.

— Avery Chadd, age 4

Dear Santa,

I want a DS for chirsmas. And for mom and dad and my sister and Jasmine (my dog) something they will like!

— Dru, age 8

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a pair of slippers, a big stuffed bear, a Denver Broncos pillow with a robe to go with my pillow. I also want a baby olive just like the on I have. Thank you Santa.

— Alexis Main, age 8

Dear Santa,

I would like a PS3, an X-box 360, or a Wii with games. If you could send necessities where natural disasters have recently struck the people would be very grateful. You can choose either one.

— Tristan Farquharson, age 9 ½

Dear Santa,

I want a barbie, a big red rubber ball that you can get into! Bring something nice for the rest of my family.

— Kestrel, age 6

Dear Santa,

Can you bring me some presents under my tree? How are your reindeer? Have you been naughty or nice? How are your elves? Do you have ornaments? Are your reindeer happy? How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? Can you bring me a puppy?

— Tauren, age 8

Dear Santa,

I have been very helpful this year. I have taken out the trash. I did the dishes. I cleaned the bathroom and cleaned up the house.

Santa, this is what I want for Christmas. I want caution tape and peace in U.S.A. I would like an Xbox 360 with a hard drive and Halo and burn out. Can I please get a Play Station 3 with hard drive and call of duty 4 and call of duty wurld at war and modern warefare 2?

I would like internet on my xbox and play station and internet on my computer.

I would like to send you a friendliy message. How are Ruldulph and Mrs. Claus doing? Is it cold up there? Are the elves really short or tall? You are fat.

— Kaden Johnson

Dear Santa,

I want bike with the pedals that go clear back and with four pegs. Thank you.

— Bailay Overton, age 7

Dear Santa,

I have been a vary good boy this wec.

I want a hapstr for crinmis. I want a Tecup Poodl for crismis. for crismis I wunt a gun for crismis.

— Luv DonnieJoe Quick, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like a cell phone. I have been trying to keep my grades up. It is hard but maybe it will pay off. Thank you for every thing you do.

— Natazzija Fognani, age 11

Dear Sata,

I wut a drt bikke and a sno board and a sled and a x box and a gam to the x box and and x box gams and a lesle gam ples.

— Brock, age 6

Dear Santa,

I would like a snowboard, iphone and a Wii, ds game, pool stick, poogo stick, a pool, hit tube and I want to go ice scating, a donut machine, ipod touch, a dirte bike, a four willer, please, please, please please please please! Sown machine.

— Hannah Gariner, age 9

Dear Santa,

I would like a ski and a snow board, wallet, new t.v. two coffee cups, ipod touch, Ipone, snow board pants and snow boots. Pretty PLEASE.

— Alex Reno, age 4

Dear Santa,

Would you please get me a cool bike with pegs! Please! Please

— Larimee Brewer, age 9

From anonymous nice children:

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