County finalizes budget |

County finalizes budget

Commissioners will run Moffat County on $22.4 million in 2002

Daily Press writer
The Moffat County Commissioners are expected to approve the final version of the 2002 County Budget at Monday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting.
Moffat County will spend $22.4 million on its departments, services and funds on revenues of $21.4 million. The Commissioners’ plan to make up the expense overage by spending less in certain areas that they budgeted as “worst case scenarios.”
With the total budgets of the Housing Authority, The Memorial Hospital and Social Services, the county’s real total expenditures will be $41.2 million on total revenues of $41 million.
The bulk of those three aforementioned budgets are funded independently of the county, but must be included in the county’s total revenue and expense budget.
The county expects a balance from all funds of approximately $10 million at the end of 2002. The Commissioners’ project that balance to grow to approximately $11 million by year’s end.
After a series of budget workshops, a public hearing and many hours of number crunching, the Commissioners’ and the county’s administration have created their fiscal plan.
“We’re projecting a really good year, financially, although something can always happen,” said Debra Murray, administrative services director. “For health and welfare, we budgeted $2.3 million for this year, and we’re only going to actually spend about $1.6 million.
“In the road and bridge budget, there’s $600,000 to $700,000 that’s budgeted for paving projects, but that will come from money that’s been saved over several years for those plans.
“The two things the county is concerned with is keeping a $2 million general fund balance and a $1.5 million fund balance for road and bridge in the budget,” she said. “With the larger funds, it’s important to have money for contingencies.”
The budget has a few small items left to be finalized, and all the formulas and numbers are being rechecked, Murray said.
The final version of the budget won’t be printed until mid-January, but a copy will be available for review in the Administrative Services office.
The next Commissioners’ meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m., Monday, at the courthouse.
The board will also:
Discuss tax liens with Paul Bishop.
Review a draft of the completed work on the countywide fire plan, and hear an update on land use issues with Jeff Comstock, Moffat County Natural Resources director.
Host a landfill workshop with Landfill Manager Eric Johnson.

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