County attorney Taylor announces retirement |

County attorney Taylor announces retirement

Brian Smith

Kathleen Taylor

Moffat County Attorney Kathleen Taylor, who has served as the county's legal counsel for eight years, announced her retirement Wednesday.

Her last day will be June 2.

She an-

nounced her decision in a letter to the moffat county commission.

"I have been considering it for a while," Taylor said Friday. "My daughter lives in the Denver area, and I have a grandson. … I want to go on and spend time with my family."

Taylor said she does not plan to work as an attorney in any capacity and will relocate "when I can and when I have made all the arrangements."

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In her letter to the commission, Taylor wrote, "I have thoroughly enjoyed my employment as Moffat County attorney, but it is now time to move on and to enjoy those things which I have not been able to experience while employed on a full-time basis."

In her letter, Taylor said she was giving eight weeks notice of her retirement so the county could "conduct a job search, secure the services of a new county attorney and to make a smooth transition so that the county has legal counsel available at all times."

She also wrote, "My decision has not come lightly because of the satisfaction that I receive from my involvement with county employees and county issues, but I truly believe that it is time for me to withdraw from the work force and to pursue new interests."

The county human resources department will present the commission with a personnel requisition for Taylor's position Tuesday.

The details of the requisition have not been finalized, but the commission will have the final say about the hire of a new attorney.

The county attorney provides legal advice to the commission, social services and human resources departments, among others.

The position also is charged with answering any government or legal questions and examining contracts for county service.

"Kathleen is very dedicated to her position," Moffat County Commissioner Audrey Danner said. "(She) is in the time of her life when she is ready to do something different. We are disappointed that she has to leave, but we wish her well."

County Commissioner Tom Mathers agreed with Danner.

"Since I've been here, Kath-

leen has been a very good attorney," he said. "She follows through with everything she is supposed to."

Mathers also said Taylor will be hard to replace.

"The main thing that Kath-

leen does is keep us out of trouble, or she at least tries to," he said. "She'll weigh in and tell us the legal side of what we are thinking about doing or opinions we might have."

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