County attorney resigns after more than 20 years |

County attorney resigns after more than 20 years

Tyler Baskfield

Moffat County Attorney, Tom Thornberry, wrote a letter to the Moffat County Board of Commissioners on Monday announcing his resignation effective Jan. 1. Thornberry has served as the county attorney for more than 20 years.
Thornberry sited his belief that the job had grown beyond a part-time position as his reasons for resigning. He urged the commissioners to replace him with a full-time attorney.
“Part time is just almost impossible any more,” Thornberry said. “The list of issues is a mile long.”
The commissioners were aware of Thornberry’s intentions to resign his position and thanked him for his service to the county.
“Tom has done a good job of representing the county and his expertise will be missed,” Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos said.
Thornberry has represented Moffat County since the late 1970’s and has served for more than 10 different county commissioners.
He said he sincerely hopes that the commissioners take his recommendation to hire a full-time attorney seriously.
“It just has become apparent that they need someone right there every day,” Thornberry said.
Thornberry said that he is proud of the job he has done and said he will not leave the commissioners until they have filled his role.
“I’ve dealt with a lot of issues and I feel good about most of them,” Thornberry said. “I hope that they will be in the position to hire someone on by the time they do the reorganization. I’m not going to leave them without representation.”
As of Monday, the commissioners were not sure if they would take Thornberry’s advice and hire a full-time attorney.
Thornberry will continue with his private practice in Craig after his responsibilities to the commissioners are over.

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