County asks area residents to obey plow laws |

County asks area residents to obey plow laws

Daily Press Staff

As the evidence of winter's arrival lay in alternately wet and frozen piles on the ground, plow trucks can be seen traveling local roadways in people's attempts to tame the season.

While residents plow their driveways and other private lands, however, Moffat County Road and Bridge Department officials ask they remember it is illegal to plow across county roads.

"County residents are plowing snow across county roads, which can create a hazard to the traveling public," a road and bridge news release stated. "Not only does this create a possible hazard that can damage equipment and vehicles, it also creates a problem if they remove the gravel along with the snow."

The road department plans to begin contacting residents who are plowing snow across public roads in the coming weeks and throughout winter.

Officials added they are willing to meet with homeowners to help figure out a place to put excess snow.

Linda DeRose, road and bridge manager, also said some residents have complained that county crews have not been plowing some roads.

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She said she would like residents to know that road and bridge officials are out before sunrise every morning after a snowfall, clearing bus routes and roadways.

There are some occasions where it snows all day, in which case, crews can't plow from sunrise to sundown, DeRose said.

However, the department and its staff is committed to making roads safe and to clearing the roadways each morning before traffic begins, she said.

For more information, call the road and bridge department at 824-3211.

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