County announces final price for Public Safety Center |

County announces final price for Public Safety Center

Daily Press writer
The construction of the Moffat County Public Safety Center is entering its final stages.
With the construction company paid in full, and final adjustments, corrections work, and the telecommunications requirements nearly finished, the project came in with a $12.7 million price tag.
Last week, the Moffat County Commissioners released the performance bond to The Commercial Division (TCD), the company that constructed the Public Safety Center. The bond of $3,105,000 was insurance covering the construction of building, and the release is one of the last steps of the project.
The building is still under warranty from TCD.
The total price of the project is estimated at $12,739,057, with approximately $11.1 million of total being the actual cost of the building and $1.6 million invested in the telecommunication infrastructure of the project.
“It was a difficult project, but it went really well considering all the different entities that were included,” said Chris Perkins of TCD. “We enjoyed the project, and hope to do more projects in Craig.”
The county will also be receiving the final payment from the state to complete the lease/purchase of the Colorado State Patrol section of the PSC next week.
That check in the amount of $482,000 will fulfill the state’s obligation of $1.2 million.
“We’re estimating that the project was under budget by $246,000 after everything, which is, I think, good,” said Deb Murray, Moffat County Administrative Services director. “It was a big project, and now it’s time to take a deep breath and recover.”
The funds covering the project will be closed out at the end of 2002, and the exact numbers will then be known, Murray said.
Construction of the PSC began in 1994.
“Many years of hard work are coming to an end the bugs are mostly out, and the building functions well,” Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos said. “It was also a relatively short build process, which helped us save money in the long run. The surplus money will be put into the capital projects fund.”
The Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and the Craig Police Department are settled in the building, and both departments are satisfied with their new, shared station.
“What I like the best is that our department and the police are in the same building,” Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg said. “It does a lot for morale, and it does a lot for law enforcement in general because we’re able to exchange information more freely. We have a very nice building.
“A lot of it is looking where we were at, and looking at where we’ve come to, and I think where we are is really good. It could have been better, or it could have been worse,” he said. “With another $5 million, we could have had an even better building but the reality was that we needed to watch what money we spent. Another thing was planning for the future, and I think we can operate in this facility for quite a long time.”
“Overall, the building has worked very well,” Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta said. “It’s given us a much nicer environment, and it has enhanced the communication between departments at the patrolman level. But the building is so much bigger, and our staff is now more spread out.
“Our internal communications has been hurt,” he said. “That’s something we’re still struggling to overcome. The cooperation we’ve seen with the county, dispatch and state patrol has been very good.
“This building has really been helpful.”
According to Murray, now that the Public Safety Center and the Loudy-Simpson Ice Rink projects are completed, the county will be concentrating on people projects.
“I think our focus is now going to be our customer service,” she said. “We’re going to be looking at the county’s services to residents, and using all of our assets, including our employees, wisely.
“We’ll be concentrating on safety, training and professional management for our workforce.”

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