Counterfeit $10 bill discovered |
Brandon Johnson

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Counterfeit $10 bill discovered

Four months after the new $10 bills hit the streets, a counterfeit version of the bill has been found in Craig, police said Thursday.

The new bills feature a host of anti-counterfeiting technology — including color-shifting ink and security threads — but the fake bill is missing those things, said Craig Police Sgt. Bill Leonard.

“They do look pretty real,” Leonard said. “Whoever gets a $10 bill, they need to check for the color-shifting ink, micro printing, water mark and security threads. If it doesn’t have those features, then it’s fake.”

Police have only found one fake $10 bill, Leonard said, which makes it hard to determine if the bill was made here.

“If we start seeing a bunch of them, then that tells us it’s someone doing them locally,” Leonard said.

The federal government has a Web site,, designed to help retailers and citizens spot fakes.

Because the redesigned $10 bills are still pretty new, local retailers say they haven’t had much experience with them.

“We haven’t had that many yet,” said Rick Kroman, manager of the Craig Kmart.

Cashiers at Kmart received training about the new bills before they went into circulation in March, Kroman said.

This isn’t the first time a fake bills have been circulated in Craig.

Late in 2005, police said about 20 fake $100 bills were passed at local retailers.

Those bills were of a low quality and were easy to spot, police said.

Police arrested three people who they say were involved in the rash of fake $100 bills last year.

If cashiers spot a counterfeit bill, Leonard said they are encouraged to call police at 826-2360.

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