Congressional candidate addresses Craig residents |

Congressional candidate addresses Craig residents

Scott Tipton speaks at Friday’s Craig Rotary Club meeting

Scott Tipton

State Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, issued a challenge to his opponent Friday.

While speaking at the Craig Rotary Club's meeting at the Golden Cavvy, Tipton, who represents the 58th District, issued a call for Democratic U.S. Rep. John Salazar to speak with Craig residents and openly discuss his voting record.

Vying against Salazar for Colorado's Third Congressional District, Tipton said he believes his incumbent opponent does not understand the people of the region.

Tipton cited Salazar's record of voting along party lines in 97.3 percent of issues as one of the reasons why he would be better for the position.

"This is a crossroads election," Tipton said. "What happens in the legislature affects real lives. If we don't act, our children and grandchildren will not grow up with the same opportunities we had."

Fielding questions from the crowd about the federal Hatch Act, tax policies, illegal immigration and the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act, Tipton spoke about issues directly impacting Moffat County, the state and the rest of the country.

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One of his focuses was health care reform, which he said hinders business and prevents job creation.

"Let's let capitalism and free trade work," he said. "We need to get America back to work."

Attending Friday's meeting was Rosemary Potter, who voiced concerns about the national government's recent actions, many of which she said infringe on the 10th Amendment.

"I'm just frustrated that Washington is ignoring the Constitution," Potter said.

Tipton said an issue he wants to combat is government spending. As a business owner, he said he has had to make cuts in costs up to 27 percent.

"It's more than reasonable to want Washington to cut their spending by 10 percent," he said, adding that he would like national spending to be cut by an even greater amount.

John Ponikvar, Moffat County Republican Party chairman, said Tipton's fiscal responsibility is one of the reasons he considers him to be the best Congressional candidate.

"Scott's got a really good record," Ponkvar said. "He may be from a different part of the state, but he's really got our best interests in mind for representing us."

Tipton said he sees little difference between Craig and his community in Cortez.

"Those of us on the West Slope have got a lot in common," he said. "I'm representing people and not big business.

"That's the message we're taking to Washington."

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