Computer analysis delays Loggers Lane case |

Computer analysis delays Loggers Lane case

Zach Fridell

— Routt County Sheriff's Of­­fice investigator Mike Curzon said a computer analysis is taking longer than expected in the Loggers Lane Owners Association investigation.

Deputies are looking into the actions of Kati More, one-time treasurer of the group, who admitted to stealing $60,000. She reportedly returned the money, with some extra.

More's attorney, Larry Combs, said the wait is hard on More and her business.

"This is a very difficult thing to do, and it's hurting her business, just waiting and wondering what's going to happen," he said. "It's unpleasant living with uncertainty."

Rob Ryg, who was president of the owner's association when the theft was discovered in February, said he did not want to press charges, and the Steamboat Springs Police Department concluded an investigation in two weeks.

Several association members then said they would like to press charges, and police met with the Routt County District Attorney's Office to discuss the options. At the same time, Sheriff Gary Wall said he wanted to conduct a separate investigation and assigned Curzon.

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Curzon said Tues­­­­­day that the computer investigation is important because it could provide proof for a possible charge of use of a computer in the commission of a crime.

"I'm very comfortable that it's there, but I have to present the information in a manner that can be considered proof of that charge," he said.

Curzon said the Rocky Moun­­­tain Regional Computer Foren­­sics Laboratory initially said the analysis would take four to five weeks. Six weeks have passed, and he said he hasn't heard any updates.

"I'm kind of stuck on that one right now," he said.

The laboratory is FBI-sponsored and operates with the support of other agencies.

Deputy Dist­rict Attorney Rus­ty Prindle said he is waiting on all reports before making a decision about charges.

"How much more money and time and effort is going to be spent on this case that was resolved and dismissed … in March?" Combs asked.

Curzon said all other parts of the investigation are complete, and once the computer analysis is ready, he will turn over the report to the DA's office.

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