Community donations could fund this year’s fireworks in Craig |

Community donations could fund this year’s fireworks in Craig

Noelle Leavitt Riley

Fireworks shoot through the air in Craig. This year, funding for the patriotic display was cut by the city due to financial difficulties. Now, Craig residents are donating money for the annual show.

Craig might get fireworks on the Fourth of July after all.

It was revealed last week that the city doesn't have enough money to pay its share of the $8,000 fireworks display, forcing Moffat County to opt out of the funding.

Each year, the city and county splits the cost. However, the city is currently pulling money from its reserves, making it difficult to foot the $4,000 portion of the bill. The county can’t absorb the entire amount.

Yet, help is on the way. Community members and organizations want to raise the money through a fireworks donation fund that's being collected at the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

It all started with Craig McDonald's owner Chris Nichols, who announced that he's donating $1,000 towards the cause.

"I think it is a part of the community tradition. As long as I've been in the community, we've always had fireworks," Nichols said. "I hope we can at least achieve the $8,000 or a little bit more."

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He's not the only one. The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary — also known as the pink ladies — announced Wednesday that their group will donate $500 from their fund.

"They were really disappointed that Craig wasn't going to have fireworks this year," said Jennifer Riley, chief of marketing and business development at TMH. "They don't want to see it go away, because they feel like when events stop happening, they never get restarted again."

To top things off, TMH is donating $1,000. The money keeps adding up — the Maybell Women's Club will also donate $100.

Those who wish to grow the fund can do so at the chamber, located at 360 E. Victory Way.

"If people want to make a donation, bring it down to the chamber," said Craig Chamber Executive Director Chris Oxley. "We have forms to track the money."

The forms will also act as a receipt for those donate.

"If we don't raise enough money, then we'll have to return all of it," Oxley said, noting that the chamber has not committed any money yet. Such a decision would have to come from the chamber board, she added.

One thing is for certain — Craig residents always pull together for each other.

"This is a phenomenal community, and this is something they enjoy very much," Oxley said. "It's a show of patriotism in our community.”

Oxley is confident that the community will raise the money.

The chamber will accept cash, check or credit card donations.

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