Community Budget Center Thanks for hard work |

Community Budget Center Thanks for hard work

To the editor:

The Community Budget Center would like to express our gratitude to the Moffat County Jail Inmate Program for all of the help they have provided over the last several months. Since we signed up for the program, we have had huge projects to complete for the year.

The flooring project was headed up by a great volunteer, Leo Avis, and all of the helped he had was from inmates who were provided daily in order to install the new floor for the entire store.

The second project was painting the entire store, and this was also completed by inmate help and could not have been accomplished without the inmate program.

Summers also bring on large amounts of donated items from the community, without which we would not have a business at all. The amount of donations is at times overwhelming for the small staff at the Community Budget Center, and the inmates have truly been an asset for the thrift store.

They have done a lot of heavy lifting and organized bags and boxes of donations. They have been hard workers and very respectful and do anything we have asked of them.

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We have been able to sort, mark, price items and stock the store more efficiently because of the help the inmate program has provided.

The hours that have been donated by the program have allowed the staff to keep the store running even during tough economic times.

The money we have saved by using the inmate program stays in this community to help the needy with shelter, clothing, rent, utilities, medical needs and household items.

The board and staff of the Community Budget Center hopes that this program will continue for months and years to come.

Community Budget Center board and staff member

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