Commissioners will overhaul County’s master plan |

Commissioners will overhaul County’s master plan

Local governmental agencies to discuss, review Moffat County's application for Energy Impact Grant

Daily Press writer
As several public processes are nearing completion on sectional master plans, local governmental agencies are now gearing up to begin revising the overall master plan for Craig and Moffat County.
“The plan will coordinate all the regulations between the city and county, especially for the urban development area around the city,” said Sue Graler, Moffat County Planning Department director. “It will also integrate or reference the other master plans parks and rec., the Land Use Plan to create a master document for planning.”
The plan was last revised in 1982, and has been deemed outdated by area officials.
The Moffat County Board of Commissioners will be discussing and reviewing a grant application for the master plan project this week. They plan to apply for a $50,000 Oil and Mineral Energy Impact Grant to help fund the project. The county has budgeted to spend $20,000, and the city has committed $12,500 for the project. A majority of the work will be done by county employees, who will be assisted by consultants, Graler said.
If the grant is approved by the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), a public process will be initiated for the master plan work. There will be open houses, meetings and hearings, just like what the Land Use Plan and Parks and Recreation Master Plan went through, Graler said.
Besides the need for having a comprehensive plan, growth legislation of one type or another will most likely dictate a revision, said Debra Murray, Moffat County Administrative Services director.
“Down the line, this is going to be required for all counties, and it’s definitely something the county needs,” she said. “This will put all the different projects together, and give us one, comprehensive plan.”
The county has been working with DOLA on the proposal. Because the application is for both Craig and Moffat County, it has a good chance of being approved, Murray said.
This week, the board will also:
Hear a Safety Committee update. The committee will be reviewing safety concerns of county employees, health and safety procedures, and how safety could be improved.
Workshop with Citizens for Healthy Children concerning a possible tobacco ordinance.
Hear an update on the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

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