Commissioners to deliberate on road closures |

Commissioners to deliberate on road closures

Daily Press writer
The Moffat County Commissioners will hold a public hearing Tuesday to consider the proposed road closures of County Roads 11, 27 and 38.
The proposal would close the roads for 90 days, beginning Dec. 1.
The closure would forbid vehicles to drive on the road past the End Winter Maintenance signs on the road, said Sue Graler, Moffat County Planning Department director.
“In the past, the signs that say ‘end winter maintenance’ marked where the county’s liability ended,” she said. “Vehicles could still travel on the roads, but at their own risk. This closure would mean that vehicles cars and trucks couldn’t drive past those signs.
“Snowmobiles and the machines that were made for winter transport would be allowed to go on, but not vehicles.”
According to Graler, one of the main reasons for this proposal is the danger that stuck vehicles pose to snowmobile riders.
“It’s a safety measure on behalf of the county,” Moffat County Commissioner Les Hampton said. “When the maintenance is discontinued, it becomes a liability issue. This is routinely done generally as a safety measure.”
The Commissioners will also discuss the timing of the closures, as the weather so far has not yet necessitated the closures, Hampton said.
A public meeting was held Tuesday evening to accept public comment on the proposal. Two residents attended, and both spoke against the proposal.
One of the speakers was acting as representative for the Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association, which is serviced by County Road 38.
The association has 35 members.
The hearing will begin at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Courthouse.
The County Commissioners’ meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.
The board will also:
Review requests for conditional-use permits for Western Geco Seismic Exploration and Michael and Barbara Pauley. They will also review the Sand Springs replat.
Receive the Social Services report
Discuss a nepotism policy, and hear an update on the Indoor Arena draft report.
Discuss the interim-Moffat County Road and Bridge Department Supervisor position.

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