Commissioners organize grant funding for city, fire district |

Commissioners organize grant funding for city, fire district

Infrastructure projects, training center fund requests prioritized

Ryan Sheridan

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe … catch a funding grant by its toe.

The Moffat County Commissioners had some tough choices to make Tuesday when deciding which projects to recommend for grant funding, and considering how much each project is needed, resorting to a child’s rhyme might have made the selections easier.

The Commissioners had to weigh the merits of city of Craig water system improvement project against paving and extending Industrial Avenue and the Craig Fire District’s efforts to construct a firefighter training center. The goal was to prioritize the three projects, which are all in need of grand money to be completed.

The Commissioners are responsible for prioritizing the funding requests because attempting to request money for all the projects simultaneously could either result in rejection or dilute the funds that were designated for this area.

The county is responsible for prioritizing these city-related requests because the county has jurisdiction over all Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance grant processes in the county, as any county in the state does.

The city’s water system project was given the highest priority, the firefighter training center, second, and the Industrial Avenue project, third.

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“The Water System project is related to city services, and is an essential piece of Craig’s infrastructure. The proposed improvements are part of a phased project, so it really had to be addressed first,” said Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos. “The training center is a project that the Fire District has been planning for five or six years, and the funding process is the next step that needs to be taken. The Industrial Avenue project, while a good one, is one that isn’t a pressing need.”

Grant money for the water system project will improve three segments of water line, totaling approximately 5,500 linear feet.

“The lines we’re looking at for this project have deteriorated considerably,” City Manager Jim Ferree said. “There is a high level of maintenance required on these sections of line because of breaks. When they go down, it leads to big problems for several areas [of the city].”

The city will request more than $300,000 in grant funds from the Department of Local Affairs for the project.

In other business, the Commissioners:

Approved the purchase of new accounting software at a cost of no more than $114,400. The purchase authorization stipulated that if possible, the bill for the software should be paid in two payments spaced over this year and next. The upgrade will make the department’s software current with new technology and compatible with new equipment.

Passed Resolution 2001-38, adopting the procedures of leasing Moffat County’s mineral and resource rights, as outlined in the adopted lease and its attachments.

Approved a preliminary list for the Shiloh Homes Advisory Board. The members accepted were Debra Murray, Archie Neil, Kent Nielson, Buddy Grinstead, Marie Peer, Donna Zulian, Stephanie Mauth, Jim Loughran and Les Hampton. Additional members could be added.

Approved the Schukar Minor Subdivision with a stipulation that ensures water running off a new road will be directed into a culvert instead of onto a neighboring landowner’s property. Another stipulation requires that all junk be removed from the property, which is located off Moffat County Road 7.

Approved an exemption on the Stehle property, located on Moffat County Road 105. The exemption allows the property owner to subdivide the property.

Approved an exemption for the Frentress property, located at Moffat County Road 29. The exemption allows the property owner to subdivide the property.

In the Board of Equalization hearings, Safeway, Kmart, Corinne Jackson and John Watt were denied in their appeals. In the appeal by Richard Ehrich and Bob Friedhelm, a lower value of $67,200 was set, down from $73,847.

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