Commissioners form local advisory board |

Commissioners form local advisory board

The Moffat County Commissioners formed an advisory board for the Shiloh House, the county’s youth care center. The Board was formed on Monday at the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners meeting, and includes representatives from law enforcement, the school district, County Commissioners, the city of Craig, social services, the business community, the probation department, the district attorney’s office, an unaffiliated community member, and Advocates-Crisis Support Services. All the members have not yet been selected.

The Board’s primary mission will be to monitor, advise and promote the use of Shiloh House.

“Our mission, basically, is to oversee and provide guidance for the operation of this facility for the teens,” Moffat County Sheriff and advisory board member Buddy Grinstead said. “From my perspective, we need to make sure a safe, secure facility for the staff and the teens is provided. A major concern of mine will be about interaction with the outside contact between teens being treated and other teens. That type of exchange has been the cause of major headaches in the past.”

So far, Shiloh House has impressed some members with the quality of its programs and organization to date.

“I feel really good about what Shiloh House has done so far,” said board member and Moffat County Director of Administrative Services Debra Murray. “We will act as a safety net, so to speak, while the facility gets up and running, and then continue to advise and assist. Shiloh House looks at it as a benefit, which is great.”

Part of the reason the board was formed is rooted in community concerns about a private organization running a facility of this type in Craig with no oversight or input from residents.

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“The public needs to know that we are involved. This board hopefully be a benefit to both Shiloh House and our communities,” Murray said. “The people on this committee are all concerned about teen issues, and I think this will be a win-win situation for all of us.”

Shiloh House is eager to begin working with the board.

“The fact that the community is forming an advisory board is very special, and it is something we are excited about being able to have,” said Steven Ramirez, chief executive officer of Shiloh Homes, Inc. “We want to be a part of this community, and the board will give us a way to learn about and involve our neighbors in our program.”

The culture and attitudes of Northwest Colorado are subjects that Shiloh House employees want to understand better, and make them a part of how the facility and the programs are run.

“There is a different culture in Craig versus Denver, and we are learning about those differences,” said Dr. Don Klumb, chief operating officer of Shiloh Homes, Inc. “The culture of this area is important for us know as we develop our new program in Craig. Being a part of a community we work in has always been important to us, and here in Craig it’s clear the community wants to work with us, which is very exciting for us.”

No date has been set for the first meeting between Shiloh House and the advisory board, but one is expected to be scheduled before the end of September.

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