Commissioner meeting highlights |

Commissioner meeting highlights

n Voted unanimously to renew the liquor license at the bar in Massadona

n Approved the final plat of the Schroeder minor subdivision, which is located near the intersection of Rangely Way and Mesa Avenue.

n Verified that Tipperary Oil & Gas Corp., notified the surface owner of its intent to drill on two sites on private land located on the 7-11 Ranch, off of County Road 15.

n Approved a zone change, affecting a portion of Cedar Mountain Gulch; the portion is now County property to clear and maintain.

n Renewed a hazardous materials agreement concerning coordinating hazardous materials response between Craig and Moffat County.

n Reviewed a recent workman’s compensation complaint and approved the proposed signage and chain-gate to improve safety at the site concerned.

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n Arbitrated a dispute between a resident and the Maybell Sewage Board concerning non-payment for services.

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