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Commissioner candidate eliminated from primary

Delegates at Saturday’s county assembly vote on candidates, resolutions

Tami Barnes, a Moffat County Commission District 2 candidate, was eliminated from being placed on the Republican primary ballot Saturday at the Moffat County Republican Party County Assembly.

Barnes, 45, received seven votes from the pool of 86 delegates, cutting short her bid for the District 2 seat held by incumbent Audrey Danner.

After the assembly, Barnes said she will "continue on as if I was on the ballot," by launching a write-in campaign urging residents to vote for her.

"I'm not done," she said.

Candidates needed 26 delegate votes to be placed on August's primary ballot.

Barnes was the only candidate who attended the assembly who did not receive enough votes to be placed on the ballot.

Candidates running unopposed, or whose opponents are petitioning onto the ballot, received unanimous delegation consent to be placed on the primary ballot. Receiving consent was:

• Carol Scott, county assessor

• Lila Herod, county clerk and recorder

• Tim Jantz, county sheriff

• Peter Epp, county surveyor

Candidates who did not attend the assembly, but will petition on to the ballot:

• Robert Razzano, county assessor

• G.I. Buffham, county surveyor

Contested races:

Moffat County Commission District 2:

• Tony St. John (45 delegate votes)

• Audrey Danner (34 votes delegate votes)

• Tami Barnes (7 delegate votes)

Moffat County Commission District 3:

• Frank Moe (44 delegate votes)

• Tom Mathers (40 delegate votes)

Moffat County Treasurer:

• Elaine Sullivan (54 delegate votes)

• Mike Brinks (32 delegate votes)

Moffat County Coroner:

Larry Dalton (52 delegate votes)

Kirk McKey (33 delegate votes)

The assembly also approved five resolutions to be sent to the state committee on resolutions.

• A resolution concerning the Second Amendment that urges "all Republican candidates and elected officials to oppose all forms of gun control and to support the right to keep and bear arms, and further urges the Republican party to only support candidates who stand firmly for our Second Amendment freedoms."

• A resolution for the Republican party to submit a bill for protection of the Social Security fund "to remove the social security fund from the budget of the general fund and require that no access to or use of those funds will now and forever be given to any but the investors of that fund."

• A resolution for the Republican party to submit a bill for reducing security threats from illegal aliens within the U.S. that "will contain provisions to strengthen our borders of land, sea and air to reduce and prevent this growing threat to our national security," and "visiting legal aliens be required to have in their possession at all times a valid government issued identification card proving their status and restrictions," and that "all current immigration laws be enforced and adhered to."

• A resolution designating American English to be the official language of the United States.

• A resolution for the Republican party to submit a bill "for congressional legislation to repeal the current Congressional pension act and mandate federal government participation in the social security requirements of the general public."

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