Colorado State High School Rodeo finished Sunday in Craig |

Colorado State High School Rodeo finished Sunday in Craig

Ben Bulkeley

Lamar’s Shay Spitz tries to rope a calf during Saturday’s Colorado State High School Rodeo finals. The rodeo finished Sunday, with Spitz being named as the girls rookie of the year.

Lamar's Shay Spitz tries to rope a calf during Saturday's Colorado State High School Rodeo finals. The rodeo finished Sunday, with Spitz being named as the girls rookie of the year.
Ben Bulkeley

While Gunnison's Tab Hildreth didn't sweep his events, even he was impressed with his bounty at the end of the Colorado State High School Rodeo.

The senior picked up four belt buckles, including the year-end all-around championship.

"It was a pretty good weekend," he said. "I won the three rounds of bronc riding.

"My bulldogging (steer wrestling) could have been better, but I ended up second."

On Sunday, the state rodeo finished with the championship round.

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The top-four finishers will compete from July 18 to 24 in Gillette, Wyo. during the 2010 National High School Rodeo finals.

More than 110 cowboys and cowgirls packed the Moffat County Fairgrounds for the four-day event.

Being named alongside the girls year-end overall winner, Brooke Smith, was an accomplishment, Hildreth said.

"It feels good," he said. "Now, I just need to set my sights higher — college and NFR."

Moffat County had several athletes compete at state, but none will be Gillette-bound.

Moffat County's Taylor Vernon was 13th overall in goat tying with 59.5 points, 16th in pole bending with 32 points and 13th in breakaway roping with 47 points.

Gabbi Steele saved her best for last.

The Moffat County High School sophomore clocked a 20.9 second run in pole bending which pushed her up to 15th overall.

Wyatt Uptain was fifth overall in bareback bronco riding, with teammate and fellow freshman Garrett Uptain right behind him.

Uptain was also sixth in saddle bronco riding.

In boys cutting, Bailey Spitz held onto his first-place ranking with 95 points.

Shay Carroll was second in cutting, Garrett Bukowski was third and Donathan Archuleta was fourth.

Tylor Bond was first in steer wrestling, Hildreth was second, Kelby Bond was third and Chisum Docheff and Donnie White tied for fourth.

In tie down roping, Shay Carroll was first, Kyle Dickens was second, Tate Kirchenschlager was third and Ben McAdow was fourth.

The team of Taten Koenig and Kalob Lepp was first in dally team roping, Shay Carroll and Tate Kirchenschlager tied with Marcus Bannister and Brit Ellerman for second and Brennan Seely and Hailey Watkins finished fourth.

Jackie Henrichs was first in girls cutting, followed by Amber Fox, Rachel Johnson and Brooke Barker.

In barrel racing, Shay Spitz was first, Hali Scott was second, Katelyn McRee was third and Hayden Segelke was fourth.

Segelke was first in goat tying, Scott was second, Brooke Smith was third and Paxton Segelke was fourth.

Samantha Corzine was ale to hold off a late push by Hali Scott to take first in pole bending with Scott taking second. Kaitlyn Jones and Brittany Fellows finished third and fourth, respectively.

Paxton Segelke was first in breakaway roping, Tamara Tunink was second, Keely Smith was third and Kristi Breickler was fourth.

Dylan Wahlert was first overall in bareback bronco riding with 139.5 points followed by Spencer Brown and Billy Wolfe.

Ty Wallace continued his dominance in bull riding after finishing first with 130 points.

Dillon Tyner was second in bull riding, Casey Farrington was third and Josh Griggs was fourth.

After Hildreth, Noah Blackwell finished second n saddle bronco riding, Josh Griggs was third and Chad Homedew was fourth.

Next year, Hildreth will attend Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kan. where he will continue to ride broncos.

But, before he reaches the collegiate ranks, Hildreth said he has every intention of representing Colorado in Wyoming.

"I think nationals will be good," he said. "I'm just hoping to draw a couple of good ones."

The following are athletes who are headed to the July 18 to 24 National High School Rodeo Finals in Gillette, Wyo.:

Bareback bronco riding

Name, Score

  1. Dylan Wahlert, 139.5
  2. Spencer Brown, 124.5
  3. Billy Wolfe, 115

Bull riding

  1. Ty Wallace, 130
  2. Dillon Tyner, 116
  3. Casey Farrington, 115
  4. Josh Griggs, 98

Saddle bronco riding

  1. Tab Hildreth, 140
  2. Noah Blackwell, 75
  3. Josh Griggs, 66
  4. Chad Homedew, 48

Boys cutting

  1. Bailey Spitz, 95
  2. Shay Carroll, 82
  3. Garrett Bukowski, 71
  4. Donathan Archuleta, 26

Steer wrestling

  1. Tylor Bond, 133
  2. Tab Hildreth, 124
  3. Kelby Bond, 122

T4 Chisum Docheff, 105

T4 Donnie White, 105

Tie down roping

  1. Shay Carroll, 124
  2. Kyle Dickens, 122
  3. Tate Kirchenschlager, 112
  4. Ben McAdow, 103

Dally team roping

  1. Taten Koenig/Kalob Lepp, 226

T2 Shay Carroll/Tate Kirchenschlager, 224

T2 Marcus Bannister/Brit Ellerman, 224

  1. Brennan Seely/Hailey Watkins, 198

Girls cutting

  1. Jackie Henrichs, 113
  2. Amber Fox, 88
  3. Rachel Johnson, 68
  4. Brooke Barker, 47.5

Barrel racing

  1. Shay Spitz, 136
  2. Hali Scott, 113
  3. Katelyn McRee, 110
  4. Hayden Segelke, 99

Goat tying

  1. Hayden Segelke, 133
  2. Hali Scott, 117.5
  3. Brooke Smith, 110.5
  4. Paxton Segelke, 102.5

Pole bending

  1. Samantha Corzine, 104
  2. Hali Scott, 102
  3. Kaitlyn Jones, 100
  4. Brittany Fellows, 98

Breakaway roping

  1. Paxton Segelke, 114
  2. Tamara Tunink, 100

T3 Keely Smith, 97

T3 Kristi Breickler, 97

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