Colorado GOP lawmaker tours Tri-State power plant in Craig |

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Colorado GOP lawmaker tours Tri-State power plant in Craig

Rep. Mark Waller, fourth from left, toured the Tri-State Generation and Transmission power plant in Craig last week. The GOP's House Minority Leader was joined by, left to right: Jennifer Waller, Truman Waller, Camille Waller, Rick Johnson, Brandi Meek, Sean Villard and Chuck Grobe. 

Colorado House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, was in Craig last week to tour the Tri-State Generation and Transmission coal-fired power plant. Waller had previously been invited to Craig by Moffat County Republican Party Chairwoman Brandi Meek, who met him during a Colorado Republican Central Committee meeting in early March and talked with him about how recent and proposed legislation would impact local economic stability and recreation.

Rep. Waller came to Craig with his wife, Jennifer, who serves in the Air Force, and his two children. After a tutorial about Tri-State Generation and Transmission and a brief overview by Sean Villard of how the plant converts coal into energy, a power plant tour was led by Craig Station Plant Manager Rick Johnson. Moffat County Commissioner Chuck Grobe, Waller staffer Braden Wahr, and Meek also were part of the tour group.

"Representative Waller was impressed by the ability to generate efficient and affordable energy with 'clean coal,'" Meek wrote in an email to the Craig Daily Press. "He stated that he would remember Moffat County and that he would think of us as he faces state legislation and talks with his colleagues in the State House and Senate. 

"These are the people that make the decisions that directly affect our area. It is extremely important that we let them know what we are about here in Northwest Colorado because often they are unaware. By increasing our exposure, we stand a better chance of being considered when it comes to having our views represented."