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Lee Harstad

Different sorts of college students will comb the halls and buildings of Colorado Northwestern Community College for the next two weeks.

College for Kids began Monday.

“We are pleased we can offer this to our community,” Dean Hollenbeck, Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig (CNCC-Craig) vice president, said. “As we look down the road, it is important that we give all kids a taste of learning. We hope that young students will recognize the importance of learning.”

“This is a fun time to open up different types of learning for children in the area,” Mary Morris, CNCC-Craig coordinator of community education and public information, said. “We try to think of activities with a little bit of a twist and associate them with our area.”

College for Kids, with classes available to four- to 18-year-olds, offers an environment that encourages hands-on learning.

“We try and compliment learning from the school system,” Morris said.

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Rock climbing, creative writing, web page design, ceramics and even an amateur radio class will be offered. For younger students, the “In Search of Bugs” class is a real treat, Morris said.

All classes are designed to give children an outlook on their futures.

“We want to integrate and encourage kids to build and follow a dream,” Morris said.

“From a college perspective, we want them to know what CNCC has to offer,” Hollenbeck said. “It is really important for all the young people to recognize learning is a lifelong process.”

On Monday, a group of kids converged at Trapper Health Club to learn indoor rock climbing skills. Bright faces and enthusiastic kids were more than happy to shimmy up a rock wall.

“It is fun moving from side-to-side and finding where to put your feet,” seven-year-old Tucker Trujillo said. “I did fall a couple of times.”

Falling is part of learning, especially in rock climbing. But never fear as Trapper Health Club has a large layer of padding to protect students. Mac Zimmerman, who helped instruct the indoor climbing course, said the children were quite attentive and “doing really well.”

“I like wall climbing because it is fun,” Brodie Schulze, 8, said. “I wanted to this because it’s interesting.” Schulze is also registered for a golf class and Fish Creek Falls hike during College for Kids.

College for Kids also gives parents a partial vacation, allowing their children to be constructive on a lazy summer day.

Morris said one of the classes she hopes draw children is the introduction to Spanish class. This class will give students an opportunity to begin learning a second language, Morris said. It will be offered in July.

Rangely and Craig CNCC campuses both host College for Kids. Sessions are held in July.

A complete listing of classes can be found online at or in the CNCC Summer 2000 Course Schedule book.A complete listing of classes can be found online at or in the CNCC Summer 2000 Course Schedule book.

A complete listing of classes can be found online at or in the CNCC Summer 2000 Course Schedule book.

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