CMS students take top slots in essay contest |

CMS students take top slots in essay contest

Craig Middle School students recently participated in Patriot's Pen, a national essay contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Three Craig Middle School eighth-graders were selected as this year's regional winners.

Their essays are below.

First place

Paige B. Durbin, 13

America is my homeland; I have lived here my entire life.

I'm proud to be an American for many reasons. One of those reasons is the importance of equality of all people in our country.

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Another reason is that education is extremely important in our society. My third reason is in America we search for the never-ending new age technology that has helped and will continue to help people in various ways.

Equality is a valued principle in America.

Women have as many rights as men do, thanks to The Women's Rights movement from 1848-1920. It shows how men and women are exactly the same. Excellence knows no gender.

African-Americans are welcomed into the arms of America and are no longer treated differently or as slaves. They can live a normal life and become leaders like Barack Obama, who has been our president for the last three years. No matter what color or gender a person is, they have the right to vote. Colored people or women can be our future president.

Education plays a big roll in our society. It is important for me to learn as much as I can so I can become a cake artist. An education can get a person a great job that pays well. It can also help someone understand something they didn't know how to do.

We should consider ourselves lucky to have great schools. In some countries, like parts of Africa, children have no schools or teacher to teach them.

Technology has helped people for a number of years now. The advanced technology in America today can help us to do anything from writing an essay to helping find a cure for cancer, finding natural reserves, or simply looking something up on the Internet.

Our main technology devices would most likely be computers and phones. Computers help us do daily things like look up our email or the weather forecast.

Cell phones have become popular in the last few years. They let us talk to people anywhere in the world; they can even save lives. The more advanced technology gets, the more we can do.

America has been my homeland for 13 years. I have always been proud of America.

We are fortunate to be treated equally and to have such a great country to live in. We should be grateful for all the freedoms we have.

Second place

Kaylee Jo Buckley, 14

Being a true American is an honor and I am so glad I have the privilege to be one.

My country has so many opportunities for everyone to express themselves and get a terrific education. Members of our society can live their dreams to the fullest and have the right to speak their minds whenever and however they want. We are fortunate to have brave soldiers, women and men, who are willing to risk their lives and go to war for the citizens of America.

Our schools here are outstanding. The education we can receive will help us so much in our future lives. We also have the right to participate in athletics such as baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and many more. Some adolescents don't realize it, but we have a lot of options and can really go places in life. Most of the schools have organizations that increase our learning abilities.

Being able to accomplish the dreams that mean the most to us is very important and it builds confidence and makes people want to succeed in life. Usually when someone can achieve their goals, they push harder and are more likely to do something interesting with their lives. Which is why it is a very good thing that we Americans have the freedom to make our dreams come true.

The one and only reason this country has been held together and found its strength is because of the brave women and men that risk their lives and go to war for us.

Each and every one of us appreciate everything those soldiers do for us and I just hope that they know how important they really are to this country. These soldiers get separated from their friends and families' just to keep this country free and out of harms way.

People should not take our country for granted because we never really understand what we have until we lose it. I am so thankful I can call myself a proud American. Our country is a great place to be and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Third place

Bailey Nicole Kurz, 14

When I think of America, I think a lot about the song "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood.

America has a lot of great values, and I think everyone should be able to say they are proud to be American. I think too many people take living in America for granted. In fact, it is a privilege and an honor.

What some people don't notice is that we have a lot more rights than people think.

For instance, we have the right to a fair trial. Someone might think this was something everyone has, but really, people had to fight to get these rights for us. This is one thing that we are very lucky to have.

In Germany, when Hitler was in charge, people could be thrown in jail for pretty much anything that was wrong in his eyes. Now, if someone does happen to do something wrong, he or she has the right to a fair trial.

One of the freedoms that make America great is the freedom of religion. This stands out to me and makes me proud, because this can be extremely important to some people and families. This freedom of religion allows people to worship whichever religion they want and believe what they would like to. Going to church is a huge part of some people's lives, and as stated in the Declaration of Independence, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness.

Our soldiers are another reason to be very proud of our country.

Our soldiers fighting now and our soldiers who have fought previously for our country are very important to me and I'm sure a lot of other people. Our soldiers give a lot up to protect us. They leave their families for long periods of time and put their lives in danger to protect our country and us. I think that we should be very thankful for our soldiers because they have the choice whether they want to fight for us or not, and they chose to fight for us.

People who live in America should be very proud of the rights we have. Without these rights where would we be now? We must stand tall for our country. I know that if we don't, we would be lost.

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