Clarke: More alike than different |

Clarke: More alike than different

To the editor:

Everyone loves a good rivalry, and the Moffat County High School Bulldogs and Steamboat Springs Sailors are symbolic of this: the rich vs. the not so rich, the elite vs. the redneck, and so on.

But, as the mother of a son who has now played for both teams, it has become clear to me that while may be a few differences, they are more alike than you would think.

Both teams have coaches that truly care about the kids. There are wealthy kids on both teams and not so wealthy, sadly, and there are kids on both teams who have truly suffered horrible losses in their lives and continue to go on. Also, there are smart kids on both teams and those not so academically inclined. I've also seen there are really wonderful parents on both teams and some real snobs on both.

All in all, the bottom line is, both schools have wonderful kids and coaches, and when you really become a part of both worlds, the differences and reasons to hate each other magically disappear.

But, I suppose if everyone realized this, the fun in having a "rival" would disappear.

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As for me, I love and support both football teams because I see the greatness in personality in both.

Kerrie (Mirante) Clarke

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