City will regulate temporary vendors |

City will regulate temporary vendors

Daily Press writer
Temporary vendors in Craig will now have to operate by the same rules as businesses that operate out of permanent structures, as the Craig City Council passed Ordinance No. 905 Tuesday night at City Hall.
The new ordinance places regulations on outdoor vendors, requiring them to pay a $300 bond, which will be held by the city in lieu of the businesses providing receipts of their sales tax.
The outdoor vendors will also be required to pay a non-refundable $20 fee for each month the license is to be in effect.
Bob Mackey, owner of Tunies and Such, addressed the Council about how temporary businesses have adverserly affected his income.
“We need to do something about these people that come into town and take business directly away from me,” he said. “They’re selling the same thing that I am, and I think it’s about time we get these damn people to pay their fair share.”
Councilor Bill Johnston reassured Mackey that the Council was on his side, and that was the original intention of the ordinance.
“You can thank Councilman Kent Nielson for getting this ordinance here in front of us,” he said. “He was the one who originally questioned why these businesses who are only here part of the time are operating here under different rules than the businesses that are here all the time.”
The Council passed the ordinance unanimously, with changes added by City Attorney Sherman Romney, exempting certain groups from the vendor license.
Exempt from the status of outdoor vendors are:
Businesses who hold ‘sidewalk sales’ outside of their business.
Religious or non-profit groups.
Anyone in possession of a concession agreement with the city.
Yard sales, garage sales and lemonade stands that last no longer than four days.
A farmer’s market at which local small producers gather on public or private property on an appointed date to market small quantities of locally produced goods.
The discussion of ‘Welcome to Craig’ signs was also addressed by the Council, with new designs for welcome signs and for the Center of Craig.
Although construction would not be able to begin until early spring, the Council agreed to keep the item on the agenda until it is resolved.
In other Council news:
Approved the renewal of a retail liquor license for Loadout Liquors at 1800 West Victory Way.
Approved the renewal of a tavern liquor license for Craig Lanes at 420 Breeze St.
Approved the renewal of a retail liquor store license for Dark Horse Discount Liquor at 1520 West Victory Way.
Awarded a bid for the supply and construction of a lean-to storage building to 4-M Building for the concrete work, and Franz Construction for the building erection.
Awarded a bid for the City Hall Roof Modification project to Baggett Roofing.
Accepted Resolution No. 11, to suspend enforcement of the 90-day travel trailer limit during the three-year reconstruction period at the Tri-State Transmission and Generation Plant.
Accepted Resolution No. 12 authorizing the City of Craig to purchase real property from Dorothy A. Giese, as part of the Elkhead Exchange Agreement.
Approved a land purchase with First Christian Church of Craig.
Passed the first reading of Ordinance No. 906, which adopts the 2002 Budget, and set appropriations and expenditures.

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