City looks at Welcome signs |

City looks at Welcome signs

Often-postponed plan may finally become reality at city entrances


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After having his designs for a new ‘Welcome to Craig’ sign shot down by the City Council at the last meeting, Danny Griffith of Sign Source came back with some ammunition of his own.

And plenty of it.

Griffith approached the Council on Tuesday night with new designs for Welcome signs, including an elk, eagle, pine trees, antelope, an elementary school without sidewalks, and a mugshot of Mayor Dave DeRose.

“As you can see, I took some of your ideas from last time, and tried to work with them to come up with something that would be a little more appeasing to the Council,” he said. “I even felt obliged to include a sign with a picture of a school with no sidewalks around it, so that maybe some of the money you can save by going with one of these designs can be used for more important projects.”

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According to Griffith, the signs would cost the city $1,388 a piece, which he believes would be much lower than if they were to go through another contractor. He also said that his daughter currently attends a school that does not have sidewalks, which forces her to walk in the street, which was his reason behind the elementary-school design.

Councilor Don Jones raised concerns that the Welcome signs may resemble state highway signs if they were to be erected with posts, instead of a monument structure that could feature a base of rocks or landscaping.

“I really don’t want signs that are going to look like highway signs,” Jones said. “If there could be a way that we could somehow encase one of these signs in a monument-type structure, I think it would look a lot better than it would if we were to just put them on posts, or have them landscaped somehow.”

Road and Bridge Department Director Randy Call told the Council that by creating a monument structure, they may have problems with easement issues, as well as State Highway regulations.

“The current law states that these signs must be at least 100 feet from the center line of the highway if they are going to be anything but a breakaway structure,” he said. “If you look at the sign at Yampa Valley Electric, that is a perfect example of how far from the road that a monument sign must be.

“If you don’t want to go with the breakaway signs, you may want to search for private property where you can put these.”

The Council passed the first reading for the new Welcome signs, however, councilors and City Manager Jim Ferree are going to search for private property where the signs can be erected.

The Council also passed the first reading of Ordinance No. 905, regulating temporary vendors who set up businesses in Craig.

Vendors will be required to register with the city, pay a $300 bond, along with a $20 sales tax registration fee.

“I checked with other municipalities in Craig about what they charge to register vendors, and right around $250 was about average,” Ferree said. “The highest in the state was Commerce City, who charged $1000, but that is as high as they go.”

Councilor Kent Nielson, who initiated the ordinance, said that the goal for this ordinance would not be to drive out vendors, but rather to regulate who is setting up businesses in town.

“We don’t want to make it impossible for these people to operate in Craig, because they do provide us with a needed service,” he said. “I just think that it’s important that we know who’s here, and what they are doing.”

In other Council news:

Approved the renewal of the 3.2 percent retail beer license for three Kum and Go Stores at 700 E. Victory Way, 1302 West Victory Way and 895 Yampa Avenue.

Approved an off-street parking and landscape plan for a miniature storage complex at 260 Doylan Avenue for Ron and Carol Erisman.

Approved an off-street parking and landscape plan for a telecommunications office building at 540 Russell Street for NC Telecom, Inc.

Approved an off-street parking and landscape plan for three mini-storage buildings and shop building on lot 6, block 2 of Green Trees Business Park for Bruce Timberg.

Approved a proclamation to declare October as Physical Therapy month.

Approved a proclamation to declare October as Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Approved an out-of-city water agreement for Jeffrey R. and Pam Brethauer for Lot 11 of Doe Run Phase 2.

Approved a license agreement with globalTowers, inc., for construction of a communications facility.

Heard from Ferree about new directional signs, instructing visitors on how to get to Woodbury Park and Loudy-Simpson Park. If the Council approves the final reading of the sign issue, they could be installed by December.

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