City, county to apply for dual DOLA grant for Shadow Mountain |

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City, county to apply for dual DOLA grant for Shadow Mountain

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During a special meeting Monday, the Moffat County Commission:

• Approved, 2-0, an energy impact grant application through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs for the Town of Dinosaur.

Commissioner Tom Gray was absent from Monday’s meeting.

It's been more than a year since City of Craig and Moffat County elected officials first launched discussions about a joint effort to improve infrastructure at Shadow Mountain.

On Monday local elected officials took the next step in that process when the Moffat County Commission hosted a special meeting with Craig City Manager Jim Ferree and Moffat County Developmental Services Director Roy Tipton to consider approving a dual application for an energy impact grant through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

"It's nice to be sitting down together talking about this again," said Commissioner Audrey Danner. "It will be a lot nicer if we see some dollars for this."

The city and the county are seeking $1 million from the state for the Shadow Mountain project, which is estimated to cost a total of $4.5 million over the course of at least two construction seasons.

Because energy impact funds are limited, with just $17 million available for projects statewide, the city and the county decided to apply for the grant together as a joint effort.

They're also hoping to increase their chances through matching dollars, which include $2.5 million from the county road and bridge fund as well as $1 million from the city's water and sewer enterprise fund.

"My personal opinion is there is significant dollars in the energy impact fund generated by our area that we should be at the top of the list," Danner said. "Speaking with (DOLA Executive Director) Reeves Brown last week I told him we appreciate there are funds available again, but we definitely need more."

If approved by DOLA the project would benefit more than 625 residents living in 250 homes in Shadow Mountain, according to the grant application, which was approved by the commission, 2-0.

Commissioner Tom Gray was absent from Monday's special meeting.

Shadow Mountain was constructed during the 1970s to accommodate workers who relocated here to construct Craig Station.

Because it was never intended to be a permanent subdivision the infrastructure was never constructed to city or county codes.

Shadow Mountain also is interesting because it is technically located in Moffat County, but it receives sewer and water service from the City of Craig.

Responsibility to improve the roads, curbs and gutters therefore falls on the county and the city is responsible for water and sewer line replacements.

In April both city and county employees began engineering work to ensure the Shadow Mountain project would be "shovel ready" if the grant application is approved by DOLA.

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