Christmas tree care prompts questions |

Christmas tree care prompts questions

Tom Schafer

Now that Thanksgiving is over, residents are getting into the Christmas spirit and that means breaking out the outdoors light and buy a Christmas tree.

There are several places in Craig to buy Christmas trees, City Market sells six-foot scotch pine trees for less than twenty dollars, Store Manager Dee Miller said.

“We got about 100 trees in last Monday and will be receiving another 125 trees next week,” Miller said. “The cold weather has been keeping the trees from drying out. The trees are cut the day they are shipped and they arrived two days later, so the trees are fresh.”

The early November snows have brought an early holiday spirit to Craig.

Miller said, “The trees are selling well because there is snow on the ground and more people are in the Christmas spirit.”

The Lions Club will be selling Christmas trees outside McDonald’s beginning Dec. 1 for their annual Christmas fund-raiser.

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“We have been putting on this fund-raising event for the last thirty years,” Lions Club Chairman, Marvin Pearson, said. “We will be selling Douglas firs and Scotch pines that range from $22 to $35 depending upon the size and tree selection.”

Another place to buy Christmas tree is at Tunies and Such Nursery, which has a wide selection of tree this year. The trees come from several areas across the country.

“We have trees that came from Idaho, Oregon, Wisconsin and Michigan,” Owner Bob Meckey said. “We get the cold hardened trees because they last longer in this climate.”

Tunies and Such has several different kind of trees to choose from.

“We have Frasier, Nobel, Concolor, Grand and Cannan Firs, White Pines and Michigan Douglas,” Meckey said. “A Cannan fir is a hybrid between Frasier and balsam firs. The tree has the fragrance of the balsam and the color of the Grand.

“People should be buying their trees within the next two weeks, it should be busy here,” he said.

The price of the trees at Tunies and Such range from $15 to $100. The nursery also sells holiday weaths.

Once a tree is bought, there is a trick to keeping it looking fresh over the holidays. Meckey offered some tips on Christmas tree upkeep.

n Keep the tree out of direct sunlight.

n Maintain a constant supply of water. A Christmas tree will absorb an average of one to two gallons a day.

n Use an additive called “Keep it Green.”

n Keep the tree away from fireplaces and heater vents to prevent drying.

n Sugar water is a fine additive, it won’t hurt the tree.

n Cut an inch off the bottom of the tree before putting in a stand. This gives the tree fresh pores to absorb water. If the water line goes below the tree, it will seal off, not take anymore water, and will start to dehydrate and lose its needles.

n If the tree is stored a couple of days before putting up, cut an inch off the bottom, put in five-gallon bucket filled with water, and store in the garage or out of direct sunlight and wind.

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