Chris Brill: ‘Wonderful citizens’ |

Chris Brill: ‘Wonderful citizens’

To the editor:

I want to thank the residents of Craig for their friendliness, hospitality and understanding.

Last week, a group of us from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver came to spread the word about a gospel meeting the Craig Church of Christ (8th and Green Streets) was hosting.

Knocking on doors may be one of the least enjoyed means of spreading news, with fears consisting of aggressive pets and irritable homeowners.

But in Craig, those fears were unwarranted, except for maybe a few pets.

Since our news concerned the "good news," we eagerly but cautiously stepped into your neighborhoods and began handing out fliers and soon came to realize your friendliness, kindness and hospitality.

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It is our hope you in turn found each of us to be kind and friendly, and an example of the character of Christ.

If you have questions regarding the flier or the Church of Christ, please give the church a call.

Thanks again for your kindness and understanding, and it is our hope that God greatly blesses Craig and its' wonderful citizens.

Chris Brill


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