Chris Anthony: Let’s help Willie |

Chris Anthony: Let’s help Willie

To the editor:

I think this child (David R. “Willie” Lewis) really got to Joshua (Roberts, Daily Press writer, in regards to the May 26 Daily Press article “Broken on the Inside”). This is some of the best writing I’ve seen him do. I know I was crying by the time I finished reading Willie’s story.

People, citizens, community of Craig — let’s step up to the plate on this one. I know we see a lot of cans in businesses around town, and read a lot of stories, and get asked for help for a lot of different reasons, both sad and happy, all very valid reasons. But this little guy and his plight just seemed to hit me … hard.

I don’t know this boy or his family, and I’ve never had to deal with something as devastating as what they’re going through. I can only imagine where they’re at right now and I wonder if I could cope.

Our children are innocent.

They represent our hopes and dreams, and we want only the best for their futures. While no one wants to see anyone suffer, it’s especially hard to see it in one so young, who’s just starting out. Life can be hard, it’s supposed to be, but not this hard, not this soon.

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The support of family and friends can go a long way to helping ease the burden, but sometimes more is needed.

That nasty little five-letter word, money, the stuff that makes the world go round, can sometimes be as much of a God-send as a good doctor who can fix the problem.

We can’t help with the doctor, but we can open our wallets and do what we can. When you’re the parents, trying to do the best you can, anyway you can, getting help keeping the cold creditors at bay can be a gift beyond value. Maybe it can help ease the strain just a little bit.

We are a good community. We take care of each other.

Let’s do what we can for this family. They are part of us.

Chris Anthony

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